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Kishkumen / Dec 15, 2016
A year ago our world crumbled beneath our feet. Our legacy was snatched away from us, leaving us cold and empty, disheartened and distraught. Some could not reconcile with the grief and left us. Others followed us into exile…

Beaten, but not broken. Scorned, but not forgotten. Banished, but not vanquished!

We settled upon the shattered world of Draenor in search of new hope. We faced new foes, overcame new challenges and found new champions. But we never forgot whence we came. We never ceased yearning for what we had lost.

Now we are offered a new beginning in our home of old. Is this a wistful dream, spawned of melancholy … or is it a gift from the heralds above? Even our wisest shamans cannot pierce this mystery, for no seer can foretell his own destiny. But our warriors grow restless and long to reunite with their lost brethren.

We shall not abandon our home, but nor shall we huddle in our hovels and let the world pass us by. We shall send our bravest through the portal into this new Azeroth. We shall win our legacy back!

Two tribes – one clan. Two stories – one destiny. Two worlds – one dream.

This is Dreamstate!

Kishkumen / Oct 04, 2016
The shattered world of Dreanor teeters above the precipice of chaos. Corrupt with power and maddened by wild magic, Illidan’s lieutenants lay waste to the land, draining it of its last remaining energies.

Beneath the marshes that were once the Zangar Sea, Lady Vashj and her twisted Quel'Dorei are syphoning out the very fluids of the dying world, using them to power their infernal machines and turning the subterranean creatures into tainted monstrosities.

In the north where the land crumbles amidst the violent cosmic energies, Kael’thas has taken control over the ancient Naaru fortress of Tempest Keep. In his quest for absolute power he has begun draining energies from land and cosmos alike, tearing a rift into the void and unleashing unspeakable horrors.

If there is any hope left for this world, it lies with vanquishing these foes before they bring about our doom. The heroes of Dreamstate have been tasked to carry out this mission with all haste.

Vashj and Kael’thas are no more. Their master, Illidan, hides within the Temple of Karabor, thinking himself safe amongst his minions. But we are coming for you, Illidan...


Kishkumen / Jun 16, 2016
The shattered world of Draenor is infested with demons by the score. Slay one and three more are brought through the dimensional gateways to take its place. The only way to win this war is to cut the head of the beast.

Magtheridon, former ruler of Outland, has been imprisoned by the fel orcs in the Hellfire Citadel. Although weakened, his power is still vast. Our intelligence confirms that Illidan plans to use the pit lord for his nefarious designs. Culling the most powerful demon leader in Outland and thwarting Illidan's schemes - a feat worth dying for!

Magtheridon the Pit Lord was defeated for good on 13.06.2016. We dedicate this victory to the fallen hero, Grommash Hellscream, whose sacrifice freed Azeroth of the pit lord Mannoroth, liberated the orcs from his yoke and inspired a generation of warriors to take up the fight against the demon foe.

Kishkumen / May 26, 2016
For years the heroes of Dreamstate have battled the evil lurking in Azeroth. Dragon, Elemental Lord or Old God – it made no difference. Upon venturing to the shattered world of Draenor the champions were dismayed to discover that someone else has been doing the dragonslaying in their absence. Although competition is healthy, Dreamstate always prevails in the end.

Gruul the Dragonkiller was slain on 23.05.2016 and all the loot he acquired from dragonhunting was repossessed.

Kishkumen / Apr 13, 2016
Dreamstate has always been a raiding guild for people with passion for the older versions of WoW. During the last four years we conquered Emerald Dream and Nostalrius Begins PvP, establishing the guild as a force to be reckoned with in the private server community.

Nostalrius was our home for the past year and we all felt an inexplicable and very personal loss at the news of its shutdown. But the guild lives on. Every tragedy leads to new hope and every loss - to new opportunities.

The guild has decided to roll on Looking4Group - more specifically on new PvP realm Hellfire, Horde side. The Burning Crusade will be a new and fresh experience for our players and we are already thrilled watching the passion and zeal that this new project has ignited within them.

New hope. New beginning. New Dream!

Rik / Feb 14, 2016
Since the start of the New Year we at Dreamstate have been honing our skills for the challenges ahead. While waiting for new content we decided to perfect our execution of the existing one.

We are proud to present you with our record clear times for Blackwing Lair and Molten core, both done in the first week of February 2016. The clear times are currently server records for Nostalrius.

The videos below only show a fraction of the effort our raiders exercised to achieve these records. We’d like to commend everyone, who took place in the speedruns, for their preparation and dedication to the execution of our strategy. We also wish other guilds good luck with their own speedruns, for we would be thrilled if our records are challenged – this would only drive us to improve further!

Molten Core server record
Realmplayers link

Blackwing Lair server record
Realmplayers link

Should you wish to experience the joy of raiding and the adrenaline of facing new challenges, do not hesitate to apply on our Forums.
Don / Sep 21, 2015

Dragonslaying is nothing like what they claim in stories, roared the tauren, who led the charge, decapitating a Blackhand veteran with a savage swing of his two-handed sword. In stories the hero makes their way to the dragon’s lair and slays the beast in single combat- he pummeled an orc spellcaster, without breaking stride –but nobody speaks of the scores of minions that need to be dealt with until you actually get to the damned lair!

Nothing that can’t be handled with a good thrashing, cackled a voice from the shadows, where a moment later an undead garroted a summoner then proceeded to eviscerate it. For all your grumbling you seem to be enjoying yourself.

Unless the two of you stop your bickering and focus, we’d never reach the mountaintop in time! the voice belonged to another tauren, this one surrounded by three black dragonkin. He parried a swing from the first with one hand as he caught the blade of the second on his shield. The third delivered a blow in the bull’s left shoulder, cutting through plate and sinew alike. The tauren roared in anger and blood spurted up, painting the nearby walls and floor crimson. Green light exploded around the wounded warrior a moment later, while the dragonkins were dispatched amidst a flurry of steel and spells…

What seemed like a long time later, the party stood on the highest terrace of Blackrock Mountain. A colossal leviathan was circling the mountaintop, his shadow growling ever larger as he prepared to land.

Is this manner of dragonslaying more to your liking? teased the undead, as he and the tauren huddled beneath their black-scaled cloaks to avoid the engulfing breath that swept across the terrace.

The only answer he got was a bellowing battle shout, as bull charged in.

Our video can be found here:
Don / Aug 25, 2015
Greetings Dreamers,

We are three years old. Fucking three years! How the fuck are we able to keep up with each other? I honestly have no clue. But I want to congratulate the ancient players for being stupid enough to stick around and the new generation of players for giving these faggots a chance.

Dreamstate is a phenomenon in the private server community. We have accomplished a lot without burning ourselves out. We kept a good balance between stability and strength. We learned a lot from the past, but we have to keep learning and improving every day to keep this guild healthy. Therefore I want to definitely thank the players that have been fulfilling leadership roles in the past, but also the Core raiders since they have been giving a good example to our new players. Do never underestimate the effect that an individual has on the well-being of a guild. Any guild. Even a guild like Dreamstate.

A little of time ago we switched from Emerald Dream to Nostalrius. This was a huge move. It took months to prepare. We lost a lot of our old crew due to having different interests as the guild. That is obviously acceptable and understandable. Everyone is free. Thanks to the support of players following the guild to Nostalrius we were able to revive our raid roster. The amazing raid roster that was slowly but surely going more and more in hibernation due to the lack of content on our previous server.

We left behind a load of amazing accomplishments and friends, therefore I want to give you a short review of what we have encountered in our journey to our three year existence. I can talk about this for days. People that met me on our guild meetings know this. Luckily I was not the only one that loves these stories so much.

The idea to start Dreamstate on Emerald Dream started around the 15th of August 2012. An original opening post was made on the 20th of August defining what we were planning to become. Multiple applications dropped in. A few great players like Basara & Kishkumen applied before the realm even went live. Some new recruits even made a custom website from scratch in the 5 days prior to the launch of Emerald Dream. Thanks to this initial great website we were able to attract a lot of great players like Thrash, Tatanka, Buiaka, Druss, Imfenion, Synergy, Confined, Zulg, Hanakanaka, Budge, Shariaph, Leska, Merai, Sixt, Uga, Moros, Manadour, Ogotai, Jakob, Srugath, Azi, Rik, .. Forgive me because I definitely forgot to mention many, but the list is simply too big. I still remember every single one of you. Thanks to you this guild has become what it is today.

We killed Ragnaros as first horde guild. We killed Onyxia as 2nd horde guild. We were booming. Improving week by week. We had numerous amazing world boss fights, we were competing with our biggest competition Team Plague. Battle strategy and diplomacy was required to get kills to the horde. Raid leaders like Thrash and analysts like Kishkumen stepped up.

After a while our guild was establishing ourselves as the biggest horde guild. Blackwing Lair was approaching and there was a lot of pressure on our shoulders to actually answer those expectations. We finished Blackwing Lair rather smoothly as first horde. Only a few server related bugs were slowing us down.

Zul’Gurub released about a half year later and we were able to get some serious farming going. During our first months we were doing about 6+ organised raids weekly. We were lucky to loot several Zulian Tigers and Razzashi Raptors. But after a while these raids became repetitive and in order to keep it entertaining for raiders we started doing speed runs and split raids. It allowed our raiders to really push their limits, but also to gear their alts and potentially discover a different class that they might enjoy or excel at. For our guild it meant that we were able to gear our new recruits a lot more quick but also discover if we might want to adjust raid setup for specific speedruns (8 fire mages ZG). One of the things I found most enjoyable was the 5man Onyxia we managed to do.

Things got tough when we did not get any new 40 man content for 2 years on Emerald Dream. We figured it was time to keep our eyes open to achieve our main goal. We want to kill Kel’Thuzad as a guild. We did not see this happening on our previous realm so when the opportunity of Nostalrius came along we had to check it out. We helped some with testing 40 man content to figure out if Nostalrius had the potential to be what we wanted. We took our time to figure that out. When Nostalrius was up and running for a few weeks we decided that it was time to change. It was a huge blow for Emerald Dream when the news got out. We succeeded at transferring our guild to a new project. We obviously recruited a lot of new players to give our guild new energy.

Due to partly our split focus during the start of Nostalrius we missed out on Molten Core progress. We will be ready for Blackwing Lair. We do our best to help Nostalrius script a working Blackwing Lair for the community. So far we did some speedruns, but our main accomplishment is stability. We are able to triple split Onyxia without any issues and we clear Molten Core twice every week to prepare our raiders for more extensive raiding when more content arrives.

Throughout the years the community has grown and bonded to the point where playing the game was no longer enough. Dreamstate has hosted two guild meetings so far - the first took place in Salzburg in September 2014. Below you can see a video from the meeting featuring Budge(hosting the meeting), Don, Srugath, Manadour, Netherfrost.

In May 2015 the guild embarked upon its second meeting. This time the destination was a bit more tropical - the island of Malta. Don, Kishkumen, Madhatter, Rik, Hasulol, Seuche and Percaso paid a visit to Srugath and his girlfriend for a week of fun and shenanigans. Nobody was sober enough to record a video, but we did manage to snap a few pictures in between the refills:

We have always striven to do something memorable for our anniversaries. Our Nostalrius roster is still new and fresh and many people don’t know each other so we need to bring people closer together. We have decided that the best way to do this is by hosting a Karaoke Raid. It is something that has never been done in our guild’s history and we are eager to see everyone’s participation.

We wish you all a happy anniversary and hope you enjoy your time in Dreamstate for many years to come!