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The Titans, The Gods and The Stars

Kamisayo / Jul 08, 2018
While the summer holiday means that our 25-man Ulduar raids are currently on hiatus for a few weeks, a small group of dedicated Dreamers have been pushing the 10-man content this tier has to offer.

Algalon the Observer fell at the hands of Dreamstate’s 10-man group on July 8th - their second night (hour) of attempts.

To keep things interesting, the group decided to face off against Yogg-Saron without the assistance of any of the four keepers, and in just a few attempts they completed Alone in the Darkness, marking the completion of all 10-man Ulduar content in its most difficult form.

Dreamstate is recruiting as our 25-man raids will resume soon, and you can apply on our forums to join the team.


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