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Brain / May 22, 2017
Dragonslayers are no match for a God…

So the legends said.

An arduous war effort behind them, the mortals assembled once more the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. A thousand years had passed, and as the Scarab Gong was rung, the denizens of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj trembled. The Might of Kalimdor was marching upon their doorstep.

The Old God C’Thun was defeated on 26.04.2017. The mortal champions withstood the gaze of his great, lidless eye and set the Old God ablaze, vanquishing him within his ancient prison.

In spite of their victory, the champions afforded themselves little rest. For as always, the safety of Azeroth is but a temporary illusion. In the Plaguelands, the Scourge fastens its cold grip on the world. The defeat of C’Thun is no assurance that the mortal champions will triumph in the coming war against the Lich King’s forces - for what is a God to a King?

Video of our first C'Thun kill:


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