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■■ News 20/08/2012: Guild advertisement topic was created on the Feenix forums
This guild started with a group of 7 players including a maintank, healers & ranged dps.

We are experienced with all types of content that blizzard had to offer in retail during the years but it wasn’t the same anymore. It doesn’t feel epic anymore. The LFR system just removes every epic feeling about killing a boss. Horde versus Alliance isn’t even in the game anymore.

When we saw this incredible Emerald Dream project from Feenix we were really eager to recreate those good old vanilla memories.
We will be able to start strong in Emerald Dream with a good officer structure & a strong active core of players.

At the start we will focus on getting every raider BiS preraid and we'll start with Molten Core as soon as our guild is ready for it. We will assign guild profession masters like enchanting, blacksmithing & alchemy. Loot distribution will happen with Loot Council, that way our officers can make sure that our guild isn’t wasting drops & it’s a healthy way of motivating players to help the guild with herbs/ores/potions/.. because you can be sure to be rewarded after doing a good job. When we start raiding we will constantly keep evaluating our raiders. We aren’t interested in having a bunch of freeloaders making our progress harder. We are all in this for the fun, but we want everyone to invest a similar amount of time.

In time there might be some different or additional systems in place but to start a guild we think these conditions are essential.

■■ News 25/08/2012: Dreamstate was born!
The guild was created on the 25th of August 2012. The same day as the server Emerald Dream.

The first month was very difficult for both the guild and the server. Emerald Dream had the highest population of any private server to date, peaking at ~4000 players during its first days. This meant we had a large pool of players to recruit from, but we also faced heavy competition from other guilds. There was no way for any guild to distinguish itself while leveling, so we all raced to level 60 in hopes to be the first to enter Molten Core.

The first setback came when the server experienced heavy DDoS attacks about two weeks after launch. Emerald Dream was brought offline and the management of Feenix kept it offline for nearly a week while it worked to mitigate the attack and obtain better DDoS protection. This took a heavy toll on the server population and many players lost their initial hype, but Dreamstate endured and as soon as the server came back online we continued forward with our eyes on the prize.

■■ News 04/10/2012: Recruitment & Molten Core
Dreamstate is almost ready to start progressing as a guild.

This week we started raiding as an almost guildrun. We got some people still leveling and because of that we had some players from the guild 'Kings Among Trash' helping out. Thanks to them we had a raidgroup of around 35 players, not bad for a not scheduled raid.

We managed to kill 4 bosses during a short amount of time. The goal for this week is to kill several more.

We are looking to increase our numbers with skilled/dedicated players, who are valuable for us in the long run. So if you want to be part of the best Horde European PvE guild. Don't hesitate to fill in an application or to contact us ingame if you have any questions related to the guild.

Greetings from the Dreamstate leadership: Pants, Don, Griznak and Buiaka.

Dreamstate cleared Molten Core within a week of entering it. Unfortunately, Majordomo and Ragnaros were not yet available, so we continued farming the 8 available bosses in preparation for the release of UBRS, Majordomo, Ragnaros and Onyxia. October 2012 also solidified Dreamstate's position as the leading guild on Horde side - we recruited many of the best players on the server and started working on establishing a guild culture and values.

■■ News 06/11/2012: UBRS release, the 30th of October
We are happy to announce that we were able to kill Magmadar 2.0 and Majordomo Executus on the 30th of October, we did attempt Ragnaros only once after seeing that he wasn't even remotely working normal the first day of release.

■■ News 06/11/2012: Molten Core completed!
The 31st of October, with a raidreset behind us, we went into Molten Core with a solid raidgroup. Ready and able to deal some serious damage. We did clear everything in about 3 hours time, including the new, now correctly scripted, Ragnaros. We did one shot every boss without any problems. We were in particular satisfied with the ability of controlling Magmadar 2.0 perfectly.

■■ News 07/11/2012: First horde guild on Emerald Dream
Dreamstate managed to kill all the available bosses on Emerald Dream.

Onyxia has been slain on the 6th of November with a rather small raidgroup on our first Onyxia progress night. We are the first horde guild to clear all available content in the first content patch of Emerald Dream.

Now we are going to prepare our guild with the best possible players to be ready for future content. If you feel that you are able to beat the competition with skill/dedication, don't hesitate to make an application, regardless of whether or not your role/class is listed.

■■ News 07/01/2013: New homepage & forum
We are happy to announce that we have changed to a different homepage.
Now our forum, calendar, media, news, applications, .. are all located on the same location.
Check it out if you are interested:

■■ News 25/02/2013: Happy Birthday Dreamstate!
Thanks everyone for making this happen. Our guild has grown from a guild with ambitions to a great community with players who share a common goal, to be the very best what Emerald Dream has to offer. Eager to destroy everything that interferes.

We are happy to announce that we are able to celebrate our 6 month anniversary. During these months we have seen a good amount of people come and go. Most for legit reasons. Nevertheless we want to thank everyone for making Dreamstate the guild it is today.

In approximately 2-3 months we will be able to step into Blackwing Lair. The most epic of all raids according to many. We are aiming for horde firsts and if there are any server firsts available we won't hesitate.

To make that happen we are looking for a few recruits to enhance the core of our raidgroup. If you feel you are the person for the job. Please let us know ingame or with an application on our forums. The last few months we were blessed with a lot of great recruits, most of them were approached. Headhunting is done to increase the quality of our recruits.

After our first week of Dire Maul we managed to get our 3 tanks a legendary Quel Serrar each. In the following picture you can see Thrashing being sad and rude to our sexy tanks:

■■ News 15/04/2013: Recruitment & Blackwing Lair
Dreamstate is getting ready for Blackwing Lair. Ready to battle against the alliance guilds. We are trying to unite the best horde players to have a chance against all those organised alliance guilds.

We are increasing our raidroster significantly in numbers while we prepare for Blackwing Lair. There is no restriction at the moment. Everyone who is dedicated enough will be considered. If you manage to surprise us with your talent and hard work we will be happy to gear you up as fast as we can in order to be ready for Blackwing Lair progress.

Hibernation is over, Dreamstate will be ready! The hunger for progress is high, 4-5 months of farming only Molten Core and Onyxia has been nasty. Take part of this epic journey while you can, Blackwing Lair is coming!

■■ News 03/05/2013: Blackwing Lair Official Announcement

Our guild has grown towards a steady and amazing community with hard working and dedicated individuals. We have started on the right moment with increasing our raidgroup about a month ago. We have the choice between 15+ open applications right now. Which is something I have never seen before. It is simply outstanding. We are going to speed up the decision process so we can start working together to get each and everyone of the new recruits their consumables to be ready for progress. Blackwing Lair progression.

■■ News 17/05/2013: Blackwing Lair Opening & Youtube

Blackwing Lair is coming! Tonight we will be able to step into Blackwing Lair for the very first time on Emerald Dream.

Most of us have waited so long for this moment to shine, the moment has arrived. Let's act like what we have been made for. Getting those impressive achievements and let's make the horde population envy us like they once did, far back when we started with Molten Core. Let's reinforce our stature towards anyone on this server.

Thanks to the initiative of Imfenion we currently have a youtube channel with several movies if you are interested in how we handle certain boss fights.

■■ News 19/05/2013: Story of Blackwing Lair
Disturbing news has reached the Horde leaders in Orgrimmar – deep within the heart of Blackrock Mountain the ancient leviathan Nefarian has made his lair and now seeks to unleash a new, twisted brood of dragons upon the denizens of Azeroth.
Reports suggest that a pre-emptive strike at the beast’s stronghold is the only hope of victory, yet even the bravest of the Horde shudder at the thought of facing those spawns of foul alchemy, let alone their master’s wrath.

Dreamstate, heroes of the recent struggles against Ragnaros the Firelord and Onyxia the Broodmother, have volunteered for the task of culling the brood of Blackwing and bringing justice to their maker.

"As I stalk the halls of Blackrock, unknowable terrors lurk in the shadows; I cannot decide what unnerves me the most – the screeching of dying dragons in the distance or the soft sound of dripping blood from vials on the walls." - Kishkumen

"Nefarian’s atrocities know no bounds! As I was slaughtering my way through scores of corrupt whelps I prayed to the Earth Mother to grant them rest and calm my seething anger." - Thrashing

"When the Lord of Blackrock landed before me, the sound of his bellowing roar reverberated through my helm, leaving me deafened. I counted it a blessing, for it spared me the screams of my brethren, engulfed in his malefic breath." - Don

■■ News 25/08/2013: Happy Birthday Dreamstate
Dreamstate the oldest guild on Emerald Dream and probably at it's strongest point in history right now. I want to thank all the ancients who remember the very first weeks of Dreamstate's existence. Thanks to you guys we were able to keep our quality Dreamstate worthy.

We created our recruitment post on the 20th of August and the guild was created ingame on the 25th, the day that Emerald Dream was released.

With Blackwing Lair on farm and our position as the leading Horde guild secured, we turned out gaze at the enemy. The Alliance had always been a serious competition in PvE, PvP and World Bosses. The year following the release of BWL saw many epic battles between the two factions with Dreamstate always being at the forefront of the Horde. Whether it would be a 7-hour-long Kazzak standoff or waking up at 5 am to ambush an Alliance raid at Azuregos, our raiders distinguished themselves with their tenacity and unyielding resolve.

In the summer of 2014 with AQ still not released, the top guilds on the server were desperately looking for ways to settle the score of who is better. The recent launch of, which kept a record of all raids and statistics related to them ignited a new kind of competition...

■■ News 19/07/2014: Onyxia 10-man
Dreamstate, most ancient of Horde guilds, are always looking for new challenges. But what can challenge such battle-tested veterans?

An idea was born. Why can't what used to take many be accomplished by few? Few brave and dedicated heroes...

... is all it takes to slay a dragon!

Shaman & Warlock POV

■■ News 23/07/2014: Our 1st BWL Speedrun
Congrats Dreamstate, I am proud. We present our 1st BWL speedrun.

Warlock POV

■■ News 24/07/2014: Onyxia 5-man
In <Dreamstate> we take raiding seriously. But every once in a while, the raid could become a party… a party of 5!

Who says raid bosses require a raid? Where skill and dedication exist, a way would always be found!

Shaman POV

■■ News 25/08/2014: Happy Birthday!

2 years and counting!

■■ News 27/08/2014: New Server BWL Record!
We managed to clear Blackwing Lair in only 45 minutes. Amazing job!

Shaman POV

■■ News 17/09/2014: First official Guild Meeting!
Throughout the years the community has grown and bonded to the point where playing the game was no longer enough. And thus Dreamstate decided it was time for the first guild meeting - it took place in Salzburg. Below you can see a video from the meeting featuring Budge(hosting the meeting), Don, Srugath, Manadour and Netherfrost.

Here's the video:

■■ News 30/09/2014: New Server ZG Record!
We managed to clear Zul'Gurub in only 27 minutes. Really fun experience but we feel we can do better. So stay tuned for even faster results.

Shaman POV

■■ News 01/10/2014: New Server MC Record!
Our first real speedrun has been very successful. Molten Core has been cleared in only 31 minutes. But it doesn't stop here obviously, we will keep pushing and developing ourselves. Nevertheless amazing job on achieving a new Feenix clear time record!

Hunter POV

■■ News 11/01/2015: War Effort Announced!
On the 11th of January 2015 Feenix finally announced the impending launch of the War Effort in preparation for AQ release. Although everyone was excited about finally experiencing this new content, the server had been in a decline for more than a year. In contrast to the dying server, our community had grown and was more thriving than ever. Many voices spoke out that Dreamstate should look beyond Emerald Dream and seek new opportunities for preserving the community.

■■ News 19/01/2015: The War Begins!

In the gloom of the retreating sandstorm we beheld the Gates to the ancient city.

Ahn’Qiraj … the very name inspired awe and foreboding in the hearts of my brethren. I turned my head and beheld them, ranks upon ranks arrayed behind me. They stood unwavering, yet I knew their hearts held doubt.

What is your assessment of our enemy,
inquired the grizzled orc beside me. Your scouts have been sweeping the area for days now.

The silithid are stirring. The majority of their numbers remain within the city, but a small vanguard has already swarmed the hives.

What of the Alliance?

They are yet to arrive. Their forces outnumber us. They will surely attempt to seize the hives and claim the spoils from engaging the insectoids first.

Over my dead body!
interrupted a voice that rang with a mixture of menace and command. It belonged to a massive bull with battle-worn horns. The silithid defile the very ground we stand upon. In the name of the Earth Mother it shall be our warriors, who will strike the first blow – I will lead the charge personally.

Fighting the Alliance would avail us little
, the orc’s voice was calm, a sharp contrast to that of the tauren. This promises to be a protracted war and it would drain the resources of both factions. We would either work together or face obliteration.

My agents report that the Alliance are ill-inclined towards cooperation. Skirmishes might be unavoidable. We need to allocate troops to protect our flanks and rear–

The sound of a horn split the air!

Too late for that now
, growled the tauren. They are here!

And so begins the greatest conflict of our time
, the orc turned to address the gathered warriors. We will face it with courage and do honour to our ancestors. Lok’tar ogar!

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■■ News 28/02/2015: The release of Nostalrius Begins!
The highly anticipated release of Nostalrius Begins! Over the past months our guild and its raiders have aided in the beta tests of Nostalrius and have spend tons of hours looking at its potential. Even though we are still an active raiding guild on our current server Emerald Dream, we have decided to start leveling on Nostalrius Begins. Many of us, including old members have come to enjoy the exciting leveling phase of a new server.

In the meantime we would like to congratulate Thrashing, Hasulol and Braindot on finishing their Scarab Lord grind on ED. They couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone in the guild, and thus thank you to all of those who helped.

As we all know, the War Effort is nowhere near finished on ED and it’ll most likely never finish with the large amount of people leaving for Nostalrius. We’ll see what happens…

■■ News 13/03/2015: New Age of Dreamstate!
Dreamstate’s goal has always been and will always be to kill Kel’Thuzad as a guild. This does not seem realistic on Emerald Dream. At least not in the next years. Considering KT is not even available currently on Warsong. A server that is active for many years longer than ED.

Considering the information we have gathered and the general thinking in the guild in our current state we are no longer going to raid on Emerald Dream. Currently Nostalrius looks very promising and has definitely convinced many of us about the potential.

■■ News 20/03/2015: The Journey Continues!
Playing vanilla WoW is a dream we all share. It is longing within our very bones, a force that drives us forward and makes us strive for greatness and glory. We would stop at nothing to fulfill that dream. We would always look for the best environment in which to pursue it.

Currently this is Nostalrius. The server is our home now and we expect it to remain such for years to come. We would like old and new members alike to embrace this new opportunity and aid us in our quest for triumph. We will not back down until we’ve cleared the entire vanilla content.

The Dream lives on!

■■ News 29/03/2015: The Molten Campaign!
On Sunday, 29.03.2015, one month after Nostalruis launched, Dreamstate embarked upon a journey through flame and lava. Our goal – to reach Ragnaros’ hallowed core and slay the Firelord himself.

The quest was marked with thrills and perils. Yet our unwavering resolve led us to victory and glory. Molten Core was cleared successfully in one evening and within the duration of our normal raid times.

Emboldened by our success we are already planning our next skirmish – a strike at the Broodmother’s own lair!

Shaman POV

■■ News 01/04/2015: Dragonfall!

Over the years dragonslaying has become an art for the Horde. Hunting and subjugating these awesome beasts has ever been the ultimate challenge for any warrior. But defeating the Broodmother of the Black Dragonflight in her own lair is a feat few can boast to have achieved.

With Onyxia’s demise Dreamstate has cleared all current raiding content. Yet our champions shall not rest! We will continue striving for improvement and excellence, as we prepare for the next tier of PvE content to be released.

■■ News 12/04/2015: Azuregos Release!
In a huge battle between the brave forces of the Horde and the pussies of Alliance, after 4 hours Azuregos was slain. The whole event started with Dreamstate and Grizzly grouping up at the edge of Azshara, then pushing towards Azuregos. No other guilds joined us at this point, so going vs 100+ grouped up allies (5+ guilds) wasn't exactly fun. A bit later, some members of Convulsion and CBA joined our side, adding more bodies to the fight.

It was a tough battle, we were outnumbered all the way till certain alliance guilds decided to pull out of the chase and just sit on sidelines, waiting for low % and their tag. At this point, events started favoring horde and we kept clearing the reset/respawn point, making sure most allies stay away. From here, it was all luck and games about who gets the tag. The kill ended up going to a single player from Grizzly, who wasn't in a raid group!

Outsider from Nostalrius forums POV (Credits to Jimbo Pete)

■■ News 10/05/2015: Kazzak Release!
3 weeks ago, more than 500 heroes from both the Horde and Alliance confronted each other for an epic fight in Azshara where a blue wyrm landed. After 4 hours of battle - one of the longest battles ever seen - Azuregos, the trusted servant of Malygos was finally killed by the Horde.

After this, Azshara was covered by thousands of bones everywhere for days, showing the intensity of the struggle needed to kill the wyrm. Now, be prepared, Heroes: Kazzak, the powerful elite doomguard commander of the Burning Legion is coming to the world of Azeroth to reopen the Dark Portal.

After an intense battle, the alliance forces failed to cooperate and instead, ended up griefing each other. This is where the Horde came in. Once again, lead by Dreamstate, a coalition of Horde forces, including the brave warriors from Purge and Phoenix, we managed to kill the powerful Doomguard right under the noses of the Alliance. Lok’tar Ogar!

■■ News 14/05/2015: Second official Guild Meeting!
In May 2015 the guild embarked upon its second meeting. This time the destination was a bit more tropical - the island of Malta. Don, Kishkumen, Madhatter, Rik, Hasulol, Seuche and Percaso paid a visit to Srugath and his girlfriend for a week of fun and shenanigans. Nobody was sober enough to record a video, but we did manage to snap a few pictures in between the refills.

■■ News 08/07/2015: First quick MC run!
As in the past, Dreamstate has shown to be one of the most competitive guilds on the server it plays on. It was only a matter of time before we would do our first “speedrun”. And so we did, resulting in a pretty decent run of 44 minutes.

Hunter POV & Shaman POV

■■ News 21/07/2015: Molten Core Split Raids & Worldboss Dominance!
One of the big things that made people interested in Dreamstate as a new home was our split raids. We have done them successfully for more than a year on our previous server Emerald Dream. They were an amazing way of gear income while creating a bigger challenge for all of us individually. Up to know it was both too early just like the advantages of actually starting with split raids were not beneficial enough to make this kind of effort. But now we got more items available and Blackwing Lair is approaching. It is in our best interest to gear up our mains to as close to BiS gear as possible.

Not only did we take it to the next level with our Molten Core split-raids, we were dominating the worldboss scene. Together with many other Horde guilds we controlled both Azuregos and Kazzak for an extended period, resulting in a lot of fun and gear. At this point, we were clearing 3-4 Onyxia’s per week and were about to clear a 2nd MC per week for the chance to get those elusive bindings. (Don never lucky)

■■ News 25/08/2015: Three Years of Dreamstate!
We are three years old. Fucking three years! How the fuck are we able to keep up with each other? I honestly have no clue. But I want to congratulate the ancient players for being stupid enough to stick around and the new generation of players for giving these faggots a chance.

Dreamstate is a phenomenon in the private server community. We have accomplished a lot without burning ourselves out. We kept a good balance between stability and strength. We learned a lot from the past, but we have to keep learning and improving every day to keep this guild healthy. Therefore I want to definitely thank the players that have been fulfilling leadership roles in the past, but also the Core raiders since they have been giving a good example to our new players. Do never underestimate the effect that an individual has on the well-being of a guild. Any guild. Even a guild like Dreamstate.

■■ News 19/09/2015: Server first BWL!

Dragonslaying is nothing like what they claim in stories, roared the tauren, who led the charge, decapitating a Blackhand veteran with a savage swing of his two-handed sword. In stories the hero makes their way to the dragon’s lair and slays the beast in single combat- he pummeled an orc spellcaster, without breaking stride –but nobody speaks of the scores of minions that need to be dealt with until you actually get to the damned lair!

Nothing that can’t be handled with a good thrashing, cackled a voice from the shadows, where a moment later an undead garroted a summoner then proceeded to eviscerate it. For all your grumbling you seem to be enjoying yourself.

Unless the two of you stop your bickering and focus, we’d never reach the mountaintop in time! the voice belonged to another tauren, this one surrounded by three black dragonkin. He parried a swing from the first with one hand as he caught the blade of the second on his shield. The third delivered a blow in the bull’s left shoulder, cutting through plate and sinew alike. The tauren roared in anger and blood spurted up, painting the nearby walls and floor crimson. Green light exploded around the wounded warrior a moment later, while the dragonkins were dispatched amidst a flurry of steel and spells…

What seemed like a long time later, the party stood on the highest terrace of Blackrock Mountain. A colossal leviathan was circling the mountaintop, his shadow growling ever larger as he prepared to land.

Is this manner of dragonslaying more to your liking? teased the undead, as he and the tauren huddled beneath their black-scaled cloaks to avoid the engulfing breath that swept across the terrace.

The only answer he got was a bellowing battle shout, as bull charged in.

Here’s the video:

■■ News 25/10/2015: First BWL Split Raids!
Not long after the success in achieving BWL server first we already went fully into AQ prep mode. BWL proved to be not much of a challenge and thus roughly a little over a month after its release, we scheduled our first Blackwing Lair split-raids.

We had to step up our alt game and help each other gear our alts. The entire guild contributed and our first BWL split raids became a success. Here’s the stats of both BWL’s done in our first BWL split raid week:

■■ News 29/11/2015: Face the wrath of the Soulflayer!
Another amazing piece of Vanilla content released on Nostalrius. This time the always fun raid Zul’Gurub. Despite the hope that ZG would have been another competitive content release, not many guilds, if any, decided to rush for Hakkar. Dreamstate however wanted to push itself and try out Hakkar with a couple priests alive. We utterly failed, although we can blame the devs for that! :P

Here’s the video of the Hakkar kill:

■■ News 29/12/2015: Karaoke Christmas BWL Raid!
Merry Christmas Dreamers!

I am glad to have most of you in our guild. In order to spice up our holiday spirit a little I want you all to prepare songs for a Christmas and New Years themed Karaoke raid. There are plenty of Christmas songs. Although there is no restriction, you can prepare any song, but try to focus on holiday songs. You can share which songs you are going to be singing by sharing a Youtube link from the song in this topic.

■■ News 07/02/2016: Emerald Dragons Release!
Ysera's most trusted lieutenants have been warped by a dark new power within the Emerald Dream. Now these wayward sentinels have passed through the Great Trees into Azeroth, intending to spread madness and terror throughout the mortal kingdoms.

Oh boy, the Emerald Dragons release on Nostalrius was one hell of an experience. Hours before the release guilds were gathering, alliances were made and strategic land was occupied. With the largest force being the force lead by Dreamstate. With proper research done, before the Emerald Dragons were going to release hell on Azeroth, we found out where the different forces were going to be.

The alliance force of NOPE & Coalition were heading for Feralas, with hearthstones set at Hinterlands. Another large alliance force set foot in Duskwood, patiently waiting. At the same time the large force of Horde decided to go Ashenvale and conquer the first Emerald Dragon. Lead by Dreamstate the first Emerald Dragon, Taerar was slain!

Our force quickly marched towards Feralas, in an attempt to stop the competition from killing Ysondre in Feralas. We were too late. At this point there were two Emerald Dragons still alive. Emeriss in Duskwood and Lethon in Hinterlands. Emeriss was being contested by the forces of Winter Chill and their friends. While at the same time Lethon was destroying kids of both the Horde and Alliance in Hinterlands. After hours of back and forth battles between both factions Lethon was finally killed by the hands of the Alliance.

Only Emeriss left! Sadly GM interference caused an end to the Horde force while trying to find alternative ways into the Duskwood grove. However, Emeriss proved to be too difficult to defeat that evening, even for the Alliance. The following morning Dreamstate, together with whomever we could gather gave Emeriss another shot. We failed and not long after, Emeriss disappeared.

Dragons of Nightmare Release Trailer (Credits to Nostalrius):

■■ News 14/02/2016: Speedrun Records!
Since the start of the New Year we at Dreamstate have been honing our skills for the challenges ahead. While waiting for new content we decided to perfect our execution of the existing one.

We are proud to present you with our record clear times for Blackwing Lair (38 minutes) and Molten core (24 minutes), both done in the first week of February 2016. The clear times are currently server records for Nostalrius.

The videos below only show a fraction of the effort our raiders exercised to achieve these records. We’d like to commend everyone, who took place in the speedruns, for their preparation and dedication to the execution of our strategy. We also wish other guilds good luck with their own speedruns, for we would be thrilled if our records are challenged – this would only drive us to improve further!

Molten Core server record:

Blackwing Lair server record:

■■ News 24/03/2016: Farewell Don!

Hey Dreamers,

I am sorry.

Dreamstate is very important to me and it has been loads more in the past like a bunch of ancients know. Dreamstate is around three and a half years old by now and has grown into a great community known and respected by anyone in the private server community. This is something everyone has contributed towards whoever wore a Dreamstate guild tag. I am really proud that this project of mine has evolved into something real.

Today, Thursday the 24th will be my last raid.

Thanks for all the great memories because there are plenty.


■■ News 06/04/2016: R.I.P. Nostalrius!

In honor of Nostalrius and to commemorate the fun times we were able to have on this server we decided to embark on one final journey. We travelled to South Silithus aka Uninstanced AQ and there it was, we took a final picture. Considering how our guild was getting cucked out of AQ once again, in the most ridiculous fashion, we thought it would be kinda symbolic.

Here’s the video of the entire journey:
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■■ News 07/04/2016: The Great Meeting!
On Thursday 07.04.2016 at 19:00 Dreamstate held a Guild Meeting in their Teamspeak server to discuss the news of Nostalrius Begins PvP shutting down and to evaluate the available options for the guild to continue as a WoW community in the future.

Conclusions of the Meeting
Without claiming to represent any quantitative data, the following were the predominant opinions expressed by the members of the guild with regard to the options discussed (in order of predominance):
  • Play on PlayTBC, either competitively or for fun until a better option presents itself (opinions varied).
  • Postpone making a decision until more information is known regarding the private server options.
  • Play on Kronos
  • Play on CoreCraft PTR until a better option presents itself.
Additionally the predominant opinion of members was that they would prefer staying with the guild in case the guild's decision is not in line with their own personal preference for continuation of their WoW career.

■■ News 07/04/2016: A New Hope!
Dear fellow Dreamers,

After our public meeting last thursday and after going through a lot of feedback of all of you in the last few days it became apparent to us that the majority of you would like to try out the playTBC project starting next thursday, the 14th. A lot of Nostalrius players from other guilds have already announced that they would go there as well, which will make sure we're gonna have a competitive atmosphere and enemies to beat in arena/bgs.

We wanna be honest with you though. We've talked to the admins of the project and went through all the facts available to us. But there are still some uncertainties left when it comes to the future of the project and the server quality itself. However, we want to give it a real try. The project has a lot of potential and we're positive that it can give us a new home. We're still gonna keep an eye out for other servers to come though. If it doesn't work out on playtbc, we'll look out for other options. The Kel'thuzad dream is still alive and as soon as a real opportunity arises, we're gonna make it happen.

We're gonna try out playTBC ( as Dreamstate, starting next thursday, the 14th.

■■ News 18/04/2016: A Rough Week!

Hey Dreamers!

We all had big hopes that PlayTBC was gonna be the server we were all gonna have as a new home. In the first week it has been quite the disappointment though. Nostalrius might have spoiled us a bit but PlayTBC needs to step up for it to be something we actually wanna consider for the long and short term.

We will give it another few days to a week to see how they respond to all the players and all the bug reports and if it looks promising we will most likely reconsider or give it a final chance.

Here’s a video that says enough (Credits to Evolve from PlayTBC forums):

■■ News 20/04/2016: The Great Meeting v2!
Dear Dreamers,

Most of this post is copy pasterino from Kish's post. Due to recent events with PlayTBC, we feel the need for another meeting, deciding what is next for us. The leadership of Dreamstate will have a meeting reviewing our future guild options. After we have reviewed them we will open the meeting to the entire guild and allow everyone to express their opinions and ideas about the future of the guild.

If you have enjoyed your time in the guild so far and would like to continue being part of it, please attend us on Thursday around roughly 20:00 and ensure your voice is heard! If you cannot attend make sure your thoughts about the future of the guild are shared somewhere, somehow (you can poke leadership or open a topic like Thrashing did). We want your opinion and will listen to it!

■■ News 26/04/2016: So many options!
Greetings everybody,

The last week was a very turbulent time in Dreamstate - we had a second Guild Meeting and several major announcements regarding private servers, including one from Blizzard themselves. Moreover, many of these announcements came after the Guild Meeting 2.0 and thus we were unable to discuss all of them then. Nevertheless, after two meetings and having asked everyone about their opinions twice, we now have sound understanding of the predominant opinion of people in the guild. This in no way makes it easier for us to reach a decision given how uncertain some of the options are. For the sake of clarity, let us list them:

  • Looking4Group (Hellfire) TBC progression server
  • Kronos 2.0 Vanilla PvP
  • Kronos 1.0 Vanilla PvP
Unlike some organisations *cough* noon GMT+1 *cough* we do not believe in rushing things when so much is at stake. But we also cannot ignore the constant questions from you, our community, as to what the guild is planning to do. So here is what we will do:

We will postpone the formal and final decision as to which server the guild will be rolling on. The decision will be announced, at the latest, one week after Looking4Group Hellfire realm launches. Both L4G and Kronos 2.0 will be launching within the next few days. Ideally they will launch a few days apart, but they may also launch on the same day - L4G has not announced a date yet. We know that some of you already feel strongly about one of the options (or strongly against the other) and thus would be choosing what your heart desires. To everyone, who still has an open mind about both options - keep it open!

What we ask of you!

Whenever the two servers launch, we will be rolling on both of them. We will be relying on people to commit as much time as they can and be flexible - if one server has downtime, spend your time exploring the other. If you're on queue, play on the other server while you wait. It is up to you how much time you will spend playing on each of the two servers - you can split it 50:50, or you can choose to fully commit to one of them from the start. But the guild will make its decision after it has seen the launch of both.

The choice for Horde on a TBC server was an obvious one and we will stick to it - Dreamstate will be Horde on L4G Hellfire.

Dreamstate will be Alliance on Kronos 2.0.

The decisions above have been among the most difficult in the history of this guild. We make them with the full knowledge that we do not have all the information, but we also do not have the luxury of waiting to get it. We also realize that these decisions would be disappointing to some people, but this is inevitable given the diversity of opinions we're working with. Our hope is that we will continue to have your support and loyalty in the days to come so that we may rise from the rubble stronger and bolder than ever before!

■■ News 27/04/2016: Kronos 2 and L4G Launch on the same day!

Complete madness! Both our options for our future home releasing on the same day! Despite the bitter pill that PlayTBC gave us, we once again had a packed Teamspeak, filled with people who were once again enthusiastic to start fresh on a new server. Most started out leveling on Kronos 2. L4G decided to do a sneak release to prevent issues that 1000’s of players bring, when they all try to log in at the same time.

■■ News 04/05/2016: A New Hope Rises from the Ashes!
Dreamstate has always been a raiding guild for people with passion for the older versions of WoW. During the last four years we conquered Emerald Dream and Nostalrius Begins PvP, establishing the guild as a force to be reckoned with in the private server community.

Nostalrius was our home for the past year and we all felt an inexplicable and very personal loss at the news of its shutdown. But the guild lives on. Every tragedy leads to new hope and every loss - to new opportunities.

The guild has now officially decided to roll on Looking4Group - more specifically on new PvP realm Hellfire, Horde side. The Burning Crusade will be a new and fresh experience for our players and we are already thrilled watching the passion and zeal that this new project has ignited within them.

New hope. New beginning. New Dream!

■■ News 10/05/2016: First Karazhan Raid!
Lots of players have been levelling steadily since we decided to roll on Hellfire. By now we have a considerable amount of level 70 characters to start our adventure into T4. Our first hurdle is going to be Karazhan ofcourse!

We will be planning a Karazhan raid on upcoming Tuesday the 10th at 19:00.

■■ News 13/05/2016: First 25man Raid!
On the 16th of May 2016 Dreamstate ventured into their first 25man raids in its history. High King Maulgar fell, however Gruul managed to get away! Magtheridon aswell, proved to be too difficult to handle, in its pre-nerf buggy state. We will meet again!

■■ News 23/05/2016: The Culling of Dragonslayers!
For years the heroes of Dreamstate have battled the evil lurking in Azeroth. Dragon, Elemental Lord or Old God – it made no difference. Upon venturing to the shattered world of Draenor the champions were dismayed to discover that someone else has been doing the dragonslaying in their absence. Although competition is healthy, Dreamstate always prevails in the end.

Gruul the Dragonkiller was slain on 23.05.2016 and all the loot he acquired from dragonhunting was repossessed.

■■ News 13/06/2016: Operation Hellscream!
The shattered world of Draenor is infested with demons by the score. Slay one and three more are brought through the dimensional gateways to take its place. The only way to win this war is to cut the head of the beast.

Magtheridon, former ruler of Outland, has been imprisoned by the fel orcs in the Hellfire Citadel. Although weakened, his power is still vast. Our intelligence confirms that Illidan plans to use the pit lord for his nefarious designs. Culling the most powerful demon leader in Outland and thwarting Illidan's schemes - a feat worth dying for!

Magtheridon the Pit Lord was defeated for good on 13.06.2016. We dedicate this victory to the fallen hero, Grommash Hellscream, whose sacrifice freed Azeroth of the pit lord Mannoroth, liberated the orcs from his yoke and inspired a generation of warriors to take up the fight against the demon foe.

■■ News 28/07/2016: 3rd Official Guild Meeting!
After all the madness that happened after Nostalrius shut down the guild decided it was time for a new guild meeting. Dracony came up with the brilliant idea to host a guild meeting in his fairly big farm somewhere in a place called Västerås in Sweden. Attendees: Edwardblom, Netherfrost, Fireball (Roundabout), Klarreqt, Ztrider, Cryptica, Babypungy and the host himself Dracony!

■■ News 04/10/2016: Tier 5 Content Cleared!
The shattered world of Dreanor teeters above the precipice of chaos. Corrupt with power and maddened by wild magic, Illidan’s lieutenants lay waste to the land, draining it of its last remaining energies.

Beneath the marshes that were once the Zangar Sea, Lady Vashj and her twisted Quel'Dorei are syphoning out the very fluids of the dying world, using them to power their infernal machines and turning the subterranean creatures into tainted monstrosities.

In the north where the land crumbles amidst the violent cosmic energies, Kael’thas has taken control over the ancient Naaru fortress of Tempest Keep. In his quest for absolute power he has begun draining energies from land and cosmos alike, tearing a rift into the void and unleashing unspeakable horrors.

If there is any hope left for this world, it lies with vanquishing these foes before they bring about our doom. The heroes of Dreamstate have been tasked to carry out this mission with all haste.

Here’s a video of the server first Kael'Thas:
Here’s a video of the server first Lady Vashj:

Vashj and Kael’thas are no more. Their master, Illidan, hides within the Temple of Karabor, thinking himself safe amongst his minions. But we are coming for you, Illidan...

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■■ News 06/11/2016: Nostalrius Returns!
Nostalrius announces that they will be releasing their source code and additional tools to the community in the hope that it will maintain the Legacy community as much as possible until Blizzard announces an official Legacy plan - should they decide to do that. The source code will be first given to an existing Legacy project which we believe to be the most in line with our core values, named Elysium. This server shares the volunteer spirit and passion for the game we had.

■■ News 06/11/2016: Legacy Continues!
As you may have already read in the latest Nostalrius announcement, Elysium will now proudly revive and continue what began a year and half ago. We will be gratefully accepting the core and player database of Nostalrius. This means that Nostalrius, exactly as you know it, will be returning. The core has not yet been transferred, but will be shortly after this announcement.

On behalf of the Elysium team, we cannot hope to fully express our gratitude for this opportunity. We promise the Nostalrius team and the community, that we will not let you down.

The next announcement will be this coming weekend, as well as an AMA on Sunday November 13th on /r/wowservers at 9 PM server time. We're sure you will have many more questions for us, and we will try to answer as many of them as we can. The entire staff are super excited, and could not have asked for a better community to work with.

Together, we will shape our own Legacy.

■■ News 07/11/2016: Elysium, Nostalrius and the Future of Dreamstate!
The Leadership of Dreamstate held a meeting on Sunday evening, right after the Elystalrius announcement and we discussed how this would impact our community. Dreamstate is currently actively playing on the Looking4Group Hellfire TBC server and we have a healthy community there. We recognize the potential impact Elystalrius will have on the private server community and that many people are considering a fresh [re-]start on Elystalrius. We are also aware that many of our currently active raiders may not be interested in abandoning their home on L4G. As always, Dreamstate will strive to reach a decision that is the best for our community and that will ensure that our guild continues forward on a healthy server.

Until a decision has been reached Dreamstate will continue raiding on Looking4Group Hellfire.

We would like to thank everyone in our community for remaining with us for this long. We hope that we will once again have your vote of confidence in the difficult time ahead.

■■ News 12/11/2016: Realm Names, Launch Order, Stress Testing, and the Future of Elysium/Nostalrius!
Elysium announced what they were working on and what was next. They announced dates for the stress tests, being the 20th and 27th of November. They also gave details about the proces of transferring the core and character database. Realm names were decided to remain close to what they were on Nostalrius. Another interesting point was, that they were going to release the Nostalrius PvP server (with our old characters) first, followed by the PvE and the fresh server.

■■ News 15/11/2016: Preliminary Decision on L4G and Elystalrius!
In the week that followed the leadership of Dreamstate held a series of meetings in order to determine how best to approach and make a decision about the future of the guild. Given the options we have and the need for fair representation of all viewpoints it was decided that the people, who should govern the decision-making process would include the currently-active L4G leadership of the guild and the Officers of Dreamstate from when Nostalrius shut down.

A survey was prepared, circulated among the DS community and the results were analysed by leadership. We were thrilled to receive over 75 unique responses and to discover that many of our members went beyond the requirements of the survey and included extensive and well-formulated opinions in the open section.

Dreamstate will explore the Elystalrius PvP server with old Nostalrius characters when it is released and reestablish the guild there. Additionally, we will continue raiding actively on L4G. We envision parallel guild activity on both servers until it becomes clear which project is better (or worse) than the other, at which point we will announce our final decision.

■■ News 20/11/2016: Stress Test #1 Over! Reflections & What's Next!
"We peaked at 7.500 players, and had over 20 thousand accounts created. We have already begun preparing for next week's test. We ask that you join us again this coming weekend to test the Nostalrius PvP & Elysium fresh realm hardware! We expect to be able to hold double the amount of players with the next test, so make sure to fit it in to your schedule!"

Obviously Dreamstate had a look aswell. The server looked fine. Queue started kicking in at 4k players, all the way up to 7,5k letting people gradually into the server. We of course had to make sure we grabbed our guild name. All in all, it slightly reminded us of what Nostalrius looked like the first time it released, completely unplayable starting zones where every single mob was contested.

Crashing for a Better Future:

■■ News 27/11/2016: Stress Test #2 - Enhanced Performance!
"This Sunday, November 27th at 6 PM GMT+1, we will be testing our upgraded hardware. We were very pleased with the last test, and expect this one to be even better. All characters and accounts from the last stress test have been wiped as we are also stress testing the web server, and so you will need to create new accounts."

Dreamstate once again had a look with a couple guys to see how their stress tests were going. Similar to last time, over 7000 players were online, peaking at almost 8000. This however did mean that the lagg was pretty unbearable and a few crashes happened. The queue system to let people into the server works great though. Next week the final and 3rd stress test.

Enhanced Performance:

■■ News 04/12/2016: The Final Test — World PvP Events & Release Date!
"We are happy to announce the details of the third and final stress test! We’re extremely excited about this one, as we have quite some enjoyable events planned. As with the other tests, this one will begin on Sunday, December 4th, at 12:00 PM EST/6:00 PM GMT+1. Additionally, some time after the test is over, we will be announcing our release date! We hope you are as excited as we are and will join us for this final event. This week’s test will involve an all-out faction brawl! We’re pitting the Horde versus the Alliance in a global game of King of the Hill."

And once again Dreamstate obviously had to be there. This time we had around 10 people running around, initially in Searing Gorge to check out BRM, sadly this was overrun by 100's of alliance. We decided to have a look at the massacre Kazzak was inflicting on the poor folks in Wetlands. Lagg was extreme, disconnects happened frequently, but it didnt prevent us from having a bit of world-pvp fun!

World PVP Events & Release Date

■■ News 04/12/2016: Nostalrius PvP & PvE release date!
"We're very excited to bring you this release date today. To confirm what is stated in the video, we are launching the Nostalrius PvP & PvE servers at the same time. We're sure you will have many question, but we ask you to hold on to them and take this time to relish the announcement. Next week we will be posting an announcement with more details about the upcoming transfer and release. As always, we thank you for your patience, and hope you enjoyed the video!"

Release date: 17th of December 18:00 GMT+1! HYPE!?

Nostalrius PvP & PvE release date:

■■ News 17/12/2016: Elysium is back!
Our beloved server with our lovely characters is back up and running. Everyone had to transfer their accounts as Elysium didnt fully take over the Nostalrius database.

Forum recruitment post is up and running:
Dreamstate is now in full swing recruiting and getting back to its old habits.

■■ News 04/01/2017: First Split-Raids!
Dreamstate being the most succesfull guild doing split-raids before the Nostalrius shutdown had to start split-raids again asap. Our first split-raids were once again a success, however they were immediatly being cancelled in the following weeks. Dreamstate is taking a different approach into preparing for AQ. Fyi.. Firemaw was a bitch compared to the Nostalrius version. The motherfucker did his AoE thing twice as fast xD.

Wednesday BWL:
Thursday BWL:

■■ News 14/01/2017: Response to Nostalrius — Elysium Will Prevail!
The Nostalrius team decided to throw a bombshell at the Vanilla community and specifically at the people who transferred to Elysium:

Here's Elysium's official response:

"Over the course of the next several weeks we will discontinue use of the Nostalrius core. By then, we will have completed Anathema, which will be equal to or superior to the Nostalrius core. We assure you that you will not feel any difference in the cores except for a potential increase in quality. We have been continuously updating the Anathema core side-by-side with the Nostalrius core.

All future Nostalrius related data will be denied. The new realms will not be affected, and Elysium will not disclose any Nostalrius’ data such as the databases and core. Nostalrius handed us the torch, we have no intention of putting it out.

We hope you all will not see this as a blow to our progress, but as an opportunity to show the world our resilience. While our predecessor has been fatally wounded, we gain a second wind.

We will not let you down.

Elysium Team"

Archived Post:

■■ News 08/02/2017: First Speedruns!
Dreamstate isnt Dreamstate if it isnt doing speedruns. We finally started to get into a ritme and so we decided to have a go at BWL again. Down below you'll find our BWL run during DMF week. Unfortunatly no video for this one. It wasnt all too spectacular but still a very decent time.

BWL 39 min:

■■ News 22/02/2017: Hail Cryptica!
The time has come for new changes in leadership. While a lot has happened in the meantime, it wasn’t that long ago since the announcement of Anathemas leadership. We were at a crucial point in our history with challenges unique to the time. On the one hand we had a significant crowd of returning players who had been with us on Nostalrius, and on the other we had a community on L4G with a lot of new talents, both among our raiders and within leadership itself. The mission that befell on us was to fuse these separate but ever so similar communities into one Dreamstate with one agreed upon goal. That goal remains to be the best raiding guild out there, to beat our competition at whatever we set our mind to and ultimately to be the first to kill Kel’thuzad.

I, Cryptica, have been unanimously elected by council as Dreamstates new Guild Master.

■■ News 22/02/2017: Anathema PvP — The Winds of War Are Blowing !
"Travellers, it is time to put aside your differences, your hatred of each other and join together for the winds of war are blowing. Soon, with the cooperation of both sides, your efforts will not be for naught. In the west, lies Silithus, home to the Qiraji, trapped in their eternal prison behind the scarab walls thanks to both Anachronos and Fandral. However, the dormant Old God stirs in his slumber, slowly waking from his eternal sleep. Once more, the Qiraji stir, with the power of the Old God flowing through them, many of the Qiraji have escaped their prison, forcing the denizens of Azeroth to prepare, for war. Soon, the combined efforts of The Horde and Alliance will come together to end this blight once and for all. Join us as we embark, together, to collect resources and materials to help with the war effort. Every member of the Horde and Alliance, no matter how big or small, can help contribute. Our world is changing, and with that, we too must adapt to persevere."

AMG it is happening! Patch 1.9 is almost here. The first announcement about the War Effort and all of the good stuff that comes with 1.9 is out. Here's the video:

The Winds are Blowing:

■■ News 07/03/2016: The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj!
"One of the most momentous occasions in the history of Elysium is upon us. This is, of course, the releasing of patch 1.9, “The Gates of Ahn’Qiraj”.

Over the last few days, we have been finalizing changes to the War Effort’s launch. We will be highlighting major in-game changes, what to expect from the war effort, and many of the finer details relating to the Qiraji Battle Tank."

And once again, a private server makes the mistake of upping the needed materials for the War Effort. This time values like 425.000 Firebloom were put in. Simply one word: retarded.

The War Effort is here tough! Which means AQ is coming closer and closer.

Archived Post:

■■ News 08/03/2017: Second round of Speedruns!
The February speedruns werent the greatest, so we obviously had to step it up. Our competition did an amazing job aswell and so we had to push the limits. This time we went into BWL with the intention to absolutely annihilate the record. We set down a 29 min run... however we did have to use some, what some poeple call "cheating", additional tactics that might've involved invisibility potions :P

We obviously cant release a video of that run, however dont worry, we'll beat the 29 min run at some point.

BWL 29 min:
MC 28 min:

■■ News 19/03/2017: The War Effort Reborn!
"First off, thank you to all the Players who have been turning in Materials. At this time almost 5.5 MILLION Materials have been turned in since we launched the War Effort. A shout out to the horde for finishing a turn in by completing 850 Thousand Rugged Leather in about 4 days!

We will not be auto-completing the event, or lowering the required materials as that goes against the philosophy of the event.

However, it’s in nobody’s interests for the war effort to continue beyond the stated 3-4 weeks in our original post. So, over the coming two weeks we will be challenging the community to come together in a unique way to participate in an in-game event that will greatly help in completing the war effort. This event will be designed to foster working together, and put a hard cap on how long the war effort will take to complete that is far more in line with our original timeline. It might be time to put down your gardening and mining gloves and pick up your swords."

What is this madness? This idea was quickly turned down as the community started a massive outroar about "fun server".

Archived Post:

■■ News 22/03/2017: ZG Speedrun!
Dreamstate is never shy for a challenge. Inquisition decided to wake up the beast and peak our interest by doing fast ZG's. On a 1day notice we scheduled a ZG filled with melee and a lovely Warchief's Blessing buff. The run ended up being a 28 min run. Not too bad, but still far from perfect. Only MC to go and Dreamstate will officially hold all the speedrun records on Anathema.

How will Inquisition respond to this run? Can they beat this? I'm sure they'll try!

ZG 28 min:

■■ News 27/03/2017: The War Effort Continues!
"Greetings everyone!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Sunday evening. The third week of the War Effort has concluded.

So now what?

This Wednesday, 10 AM Server time, we will be taking the realms down for standard maintenance, and applying changes to Anathema's war effort.

After further discussion and consulting with staff and players, updated War Effort completion numbers will be implemented alongside an auto-completion system.

Thank you to our community for your continued feedback, and good luck!"

■■ News 05/04/2017: MC Speedrun time!
We are currently holding the record in BWL (I know I know, its cheated) and ZG. However MC was still missing. With the Warchief's Blessing buff we absolutely had to crush the current fastest time set by NOPE. Our run ended up being a 22 minute and 51 seconds run. Being the absolute fastest Molten Core cleared on the Nostalrius and Elysium servers. Well done guys!

Dreamstate now holds all the records on Anathema.

MC 22 min:

■■ News 09/04/2017: Ahn'Qiraj PTR!
Dreamstate has officially been invited for a PTR session. Yay! After practicing AQ40 on Corecraft and Cubicraft, we finally got the oppurtunity to have a go at the real AQ. This time on the official Anathema PTR. AQ40 looked great. With a few bugs here and there, pun intended, we managed to clear up until C'Thun. Sadly, both Twins and C'Thun were disabled.

■■ News 19/04/2017: Anathema War Effort Complete!
"With the War Effort now complete, the next stage in the unlocking of Ahn'Qiraj begins. Visiting Baristolth of the Shifting Sands in Cenarion Hold will offer players a new chain of quests, eventually leading to the construction of the Scepter of the Shifting Sands and with it, the opening of the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj."

Its time for the Scarab Lord questchain! Enigma is the chosen one! Time to farm the living shit out of some bugs in Silithus boys!

■■ News 21/04/2017: 1700 Days!
"Congratulations dreamers.

Dreamstate is 1700 days old!
You have no idea how proud it makes me to see you guys still representing what Dreamstate was created for.
As godfather of this amazing community I felt like going back in time to honor the first three years of our legacy.

Here is a news post that was shared on our homepage for our third birthday:"

Don came out of his cave, unleashed by the shackles of his GF and came to remind us that Dreamstate is now 1700 days old. Quite an achievement boys! In August, Dreamstate will celebrate its 5th birthday...

■■ News 26/04/2017: AMG It's happening... Scarab Lord Enigma & AQ40 Release!

After 70 hours of bug grinding for Enigma, it ended up being a Wednesday afternoon BWL race. Raid ID's reset on a Wednesday around 11AM and thus we had to form a BWL group to clear BWL and finish the red part of the Scarab Lord questchain. We succesfully did so, slightly after Coalition. We raced towards Silithus, however Coalition and Slicy were the first ones to ring the gong. Congratulations to them! Only minutes after, they, aswell as us, entered AQ40 and started our AQ40 progress run.

Coalition was a step ahead of us. We both wiped on Skeram. Dreamstate on the boss itself and Coalition on the trash before him. Both guilds were suprised by the very difficult state AQ40 was in. The Elysium team decided it was fun to throw 200+ resistances and 40% more armor on each and every single trash pack and bosses.

We sadly wiped on a Anubisath Defender pre Twins aswell. All the bosses up until Twins were easy and all one-shotted. We obviously skipped all the optional bosses and went straight for Twins -> C'Thun. On Twins we had a very smooth kill, with the exception that the boss reset its health to a 100% when we got them down to 1%. After this we had a very slow C'Thun trash as all of them still had insane resistances and were taking forever to kill.

Even before we reached C'Thun, Coalition managed to be the first guild on Anathema to kill the Old God. Impressive, especially being in its pre-nerfed state. When we got to C'Thun we struggled, and wiped a few times until the Elysium team decided to nerf the resistances and only after that, and after grabbing a few worldbuffs, we managed to slay the Old God aswell.

Here are the archived raidstats:

The Gates of Ahn'Qiraj:

AQ40 Viscidus on a whole other Edward:
AQ40 Viscidus Kill (with TS):

■■ News 26/04/2017: Deicide!
Dragonslayers are no match for a God…

So the legends said.

An arduous war effort behind them, the mortals assembled once more the Scepter of the Shifting Sands. A thousand years had passed, and as the Scarab Gong was rung, the denizens of the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj trembled. The Might of Kalimdor was marching upon their doorstep.

The Old God C’thun was defeated on 26.04.2017. The mortal champions withstood the gaze of his great, lidless eye and set the Old God ablaze, vanquishing him within his ancient prison.

In spite of their victory, the champions afforded themselves little rest. For as always, the safety of Azeroth is but a temporary illusion. In the Plaguelands, the Scourge fastens its cold grip on the world. The defeat of C’thun is no assurance that the mortal champions will triumph in the coming war against the Lich King’s forces - for what is a God to a King?

Our first C'thun kill:

■■ News 05/05/2017: Second round of AQ40!
After a crazy week with AQ40 progress, finishing the Scarab Lord questchain and all the AQ20 runs we got back to AQ40 on Wednesday. This time we cleared the entire instance without a single a wipe. Every boss including C'Thun was one-shotted. Unlike our competition and the server first slayers of C'Thun Coalition, who struggled and wiped a few times on the Old God.

AQ40 3th of May:

Another Viscidus oneshot:

■■ News 20/05/2017: Ahn'Qiraj PUG and fastest AQ40 clear so far?!
Dreamstate is in full swing farming the living shit out of the temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Not only are we clearing the place faster by the week with our main roster, (85min currently fastest AQ40 clear on the server) we've also managed to host the first succesful AQ40 PUG on the server. By now we've visisted the temple three times with the PUG and having been cucked by Ouro twice, we now succesfully managed to slay the worm! Dreamstate's official AQ40 PUG is now 8 out of 9.

AQ40 Dreamstate 85min:

AQ40 Dreamstate PUG:

■■ News 03/06/2017: AQ40 PUG 9/9!
A small, but yet a big update: The Dreamstate AQ40 PUG is now officially 9 out of 9 in AQ40. It only took 5 weeks, 5 AQ40 runs for the PUG to kill C'thun. Good job to all that attended, and good luck to those attending in the future on that juicy C'thun loot!

Raidstats PUG AQ40:

■■ News 07/06/2017: Speedrun Week!

According to Dreamstate mathematicians our AQ40 Speedrun ended up being a 60 minutes and 25 seconds run from pulling Skeram to killing C'thun! Beating Coalition's run (66 minutes and 27 seconds). Sadly raidstats got fucked due to some unseen hickups... we somehow managed to pull a trash pack from Bug Trio through the ground and have it attack us right during the weakness phase! Something similar must've happened on Coalitions run, as their C'thun seemed to have bugged out aswell...

But guess what...?

Dreamstate is now the first guild on Anathema to succesfully kill C'thun in one weakness phase. With only 0.8 seconds left to spare, we did it!

Cthun in 1 Weakness Phase + Bug Trio trash pack:

■■ News 18/06/2017: Sounds like a nice plan for a summer vacation...!

They announced the release of patch 1.10 for Anathema. With this patch comes the release of the Dungeon Set 2, aka Tier 0.5. Good news because this means we're getting closer and closer to Naxxramas!

■■ News 28/06/2017: Naxxramas Public Test Announcement!
"Greetings! My name is Pleasant and I’m part of the open-source raid development team. Our team has been working hard to prepare for the release of the most exclusive World of Warcraft raid that has ever been released, Naxxramas. Less than 1% of the active player base during the end of vanilla killed Kel’Thuzad. For many players, including myself, the dream of finally seeing and clearing Naxx40 has been a long time coming. That dream is taking one giant step forward to reality."

The Naxxramas Public Test will officially begin on JULY 12th, 2017.

And more good news:

"When Naxxramas is released, it will be released in full with all bosses available. We currently have no plans to significantly buff specific encounters to artificially inflate its difficulty because we believe the retail-like difficulty of the instance will bring the intended challenge. Thanks in advance to all the guilds who will volunteer their time to help the Elysium Project deliver the best Naxxramas experience possible."

■■ News 28/06/2017: Patch 1.10!
Today was not only the day of the Naxx PTR announcement, but also the supposed release of patch 1.10 on Anathema. Sadly the Elysium team once again made some booboos and accidently swapped the patches with the other realm Elysium. Elysium was supposed to go to patch 1.4 and 1.5. Anathema thus became patch 1.4 for a hour or two and Elysium 1.10. You can imagine the drama, right?

Sadly this postponed the 1.10 release on Anathema. Elysium got all their attention as at this point, Anathema was a realm in decline with about 1/4th of the population of Elysium.

The T0,5 hype will have to wait a couple days/weeks.

■■ News 28/06/2017: Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!
Dreamstate's first official Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker! Sadly, not both bindings came from Dreamstate raids, but it is the first Dreamstate player to have gotten himself a Thunderfury completed in a Dreamstate raid while also still being a Dreamstate raider.

All hail Ralimonx, our glorious leader and mighty wielder of Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!

Geddon binding drop:

Shows up on AQ40 loot xD:

Thunderfury event:

■■ News 30/06/2017: Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!
Not the first Sulfuras for Dreamstate, but its been a while since we had one. The mighty Thrashing and Aliencowfrog were proud Dreamstate wielders once. Now Kircaqt will wield this piece with pride.

Blood, sweat and tears went into gathering the funds for this, but Kircaqt is relieved he is now the proud owner of a Sulfuras, Hand of Ragnaros!

The crafting done by Ycbshadow:

■■ News 01/07/2017: Six Months Online What a Long, Strange Trip It's Been!
"Dear community,

6 months ago, the Elysium Project reopened the world's most successful World of Warcraft community to continue Nostalrius's work. Together, we have kickstarted a community dedicated to restore World of Warcraft to its original glory, in reaction to Blizzard's stance on legacy servers.

On this occasion, we would like to thank our playerbase for contributing to the success of this project. The massive influx of new and dedicated players, who share the same passion and love for this game, has led to the opening of two additional fresh realms. As a result, Elysium reached a population of more than 40 000 concurrent users at peak and over 1 million registered accounts, making it one of the biggest and fastest growing community projects ever!"

■■ News 05/07/2017: AQ40 Speedrun!
So once again we ventured into AQ40 with the intention of clearing it even faster and we did! The entire run took us 70 minutes and 59 seconds but the time it took from pulling Skeram to killing C'Thun only 50 minutes!

No video for this one im afraid... we believe it can still be improved significantly!

AQ40 Speedrun

■■ News 09/08/2017: AQ40 Speedrun!
Last month it took us 50 minutes from Skeram till C'Thun. This time we shaved off another 10 minutes! In a run where a lot of things can still be improved, we managed to set down a time of 40 minutes.

Sadly once again no video for this one. Server is in a good decline and motivations are running low. Peaks these days dont go above 2k no more. Server drops as low as 600 or even lower. Anyways... here are the raidstats.

AQ40 Speedrun

■■ News 13/08/2017: Naxxramas PTR opening for further testing!
Once again the Elysium team opened up the doors of the Naxxramas PTR and so we obviously had to venture in there. To our suprise the overall scripting looked pretty good. Dreamstate was once again the main contributers on the github, reporting most of the issues.

■■ News 19/08/2017: State of Development!

"Greetings everyone!

Following our original announcement regarding the state of the development team (see here), we believe it is fitting to forward an update regarding changes within the past few weeks. Staden has decided to take a leave of absence until further notice (personal issues along with the unfortanate damage caused by the lightning strike to his home). In his place we have brought on multiple individuals to help fill Staden's role, while he takes the time he needs to sort out his issues and eventually return."

Here's a link to the archived announcement:

■■ News 21/08/2017: Welcome, Crestfall!

"Greetings everyone!

We are pleased to announce some major and exciting changes: The Crestfall project is fully joining the Elysium Project, uniting the World of Warcraft legacy servers community once again!

What does this mean for Elysium?
All of the former Crestfall staff members will be integrated into the project where they will continue their current duties as Developers, Testers, Community Managers, Game Masters and Moderators.
For now, core development will remain seperate, meaning that the Crestfall developers will fully commit their work to the fresh multi-expansion Benediction core, which when completed will benefit the project as a whole. Once it is done, we will launch the world's first private realms to fully progress through all World of Warcraft expansions (PTE).

On this occasion, we would like to welcome the Crestfall team, as well as all their followers, to the Elysium Project. Together, we will be able to accelerate our quest on providing the best and most authentic World of Warcraft experience!

Best regards,
Elysium Staff"

Here's the archived announcement about it on the Elysium forum:
Here's the archived announcement about it on the Crestfall forum:

■■ News 25/08/2017: Happy Birthday Dreamstate!

Dreamstate on this day now exists for 5 years! For this special occasion we went to Amsterdam to celebrate. Brain was kind enough to kick his mom out of the house and host 9 people!

  • Brain (Host)
  • Don
  • Cryptica
  • Seuche
  • Hasulol
  • Rik
  • Badposture
  • Kamisayo
  • Thrashing
  • Dozzy
  • Jurary
Here's a super small album of some pictures taken during the weekend: ... We obviously cant share too many, because what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam!

■■ News 26/08/2017: Legacy Crusade: The Journey doesn't end here!
Hype hype! Does this mean Dreamstate not only gets to see Naxxramas and complete its long term goal of killing Kel'Thuzad, but it also gets to continue its journey into TBC on the same characters!

"Greetings adventurers,

For awhile now, we have been giving slight hints to our plans in the future and are now at a place where we can give more concrete details.

The Burning Crusade has been a hot topic for our players for some time, and we have heard your calls. We want to provide you with information regarding this new update within our team, and deliver our future plans to our long lasting player-base and our supporters. Elysium and Crestfall staff are now looking at how best to progress our servers to TBC and to ensure we have looked at all available options to ensure the best Burning Crusade experience possible."

Here's the archived announcement:

■■ News 31/08/2017: The Scourge Invasion!
Prepare yourselves, the Scourge awaits. Hide or fight, the choice is yours.

The Scourge Invasion starts on September 8th on Anathema!

■■ News 05/09/2017: Anathema PvP: Shadow of the Necropolis!

"Floating above the Plaguelands, the necropolis known as Naxxramas serves as the seat of one of the Lich King's most powerful officers, the dreaded lich Kel'Thuzad. Horrors of the past and new terrors yet to be unleashed are gathering inside the necropolis as the Lich King's servants prepare their assault. The Scourge marches again..."

Here's the release schedule for this month on Anathema:

September 8th:
  • Start of the Scourge Invasion world event
    • The event will last for 2 weeks
  • Patch 1.11 release
  • Light's Hope Chapel has been revamped and is now a fully functional quest hub.
September 15th:
  • Scourge Invasion 2nd stage: City invasions
September 16th:
  • Naxxramas 40-man raid release
NOTE: All updates will happen on the server side only. When the patch launches, please remove the WDB folder inside your WoW folder.

Elysium Staff


Naxx Trailer:

■■ News 11/09/2017: Naxxramas Release Details (R.I.P. Worldbuffs)!

"Naxxramas will open at 17:00 CEST (server time), Saturday, September the 16th. All wings are available right away. For the AQ release, it was attempted to adjust some base stats of creatures in order to make the difficulity of the instance more in line with what it would have been when it was originally released by Blizzard. It is undeniable that class mechanic changes over the course of vanilla had a large impact on raid difficulty, and while the initial tuning of certain parts of AQ was not perfect, some middle ground in terms of stats tuning is likely to make up for some changes made between patch 1.9 and 1.12.

Naxxramas was tuned for, more or less, the same mechanics as we are playing with today. This means we do not need to take the same tuning considerations we did for AQ. At the same time, no one expects a 2006 tuned Naxxramas to last very long for the best guilds. It has been an active discussion, both amongst the community and the staff, there should be any modifications to make the race for the first Naxxramas clear last a little longer. In the end, we believe we have found a good middle ground which will not alienate guilds that would have been able to clear the content with no modifications, while at the same time making the progression slightly more interesting for the most hardcore.

Naxxramas will be released with no custom damage, health, armor, or resistance tuning. The first 2 weeks (until September 27th), no world buffs or soulstones from non-raidmembers will be usable while inside naxxramas. Once entering the instance portal, world buffs and soulstones will be removed. All other regular player buffs and consumables will not be touched, and soulstones placed on players by raidmembers while inside of Naxxramas will not be affected. This feature is, as mentioned, temporary, but should provide the best guilds with a more interesting challenge, as has been a wish from many players. At the same time, we stay true to the original tuning of the encounters.

To clarify exactly what will be removed when entering Naxxramas:

  • Any soulstones
  • Rallying cry
  • Warchief's Blessing
  • Spirit of Zandalar
  • Elune's Blessing
  • Songflower Serenade
  • Mol'dar's Moxie
  • Slip'kik's Savvy
  • Fengus' Ferocity
  • Soul Revival
  • DMF buffs
  • Paladin blessing (for Horde players)"

This will be interesting! Lets find out how a no world buffs Naxxramas will look like... Dreamstate cannot WAIT! BRING IT ON!

■■ News 16/09/2017: Naxxramas Release!

It is finally here! The heroes of Dreamstate get to step foot inside the long awaited Dread Citadel of Naxxramas. On the first day of release, Dreamstate managed to succesfully clear the entire instance except for Kel'Thuzad. Not only did we obtain the server first kill of The Four Horsemen, Dreamstate also picked up every server first kill in the Construct Wing, the Spider Wing (minus Anub'Rekhan which went to Phoenix) and the Death Knight Wing.

With quite a few wipes on Sapphiron, Coalition managed to get a headstart on Kel'thuzad, due to them one-shotting Sapphiron (quite impressive... paladins OP xD). Once Dreamstate finally reached Kel'Thuzad, it took us a few tries to get the hang of it and get him to his 3rd phase.

Here's our best attempt at Kel'Thuzad on the first day of progress:


Naxx Dreamstate Kel'Thuzad Day One 14% Attempt (Brain POV):

■■ News 17/09/2017: Kel'Thuzad at 9%!
The second day of progress with only Kel'Thuzad still breathing. Once we reached the 3rd phase of Kel'Thuzad, we realised the adds were bugged and couldnt be slowed. They were also doing quite a bit more damage then they were supposed to.

Sadly, there always has to be a negative point to everything thats released on private servers, and the bugged adds on KT caused the "race" between Dreamstate and Coalition to be one that isnt really considered a race no more.

Anyways... Here's Dreamstate's best attempt at Kel'Thuzad on day two of progress:


Naxx Dreamstate Kel'Thuzad Day Two 9% Attempt (Brain POV)

■■ News 18/09/2017: Legacy
All good things must come to an end.

Today, Dreamstate concluded a five year journey by killing Kel’Thuzad as the first guild on Anathema. From its humble beginnings on Emerald Dream, the ultimate goal of Dreamstate has always been to defeat the end game - to kill Kel’Thuzad.

Along that road, it has been easy to lose sight of the final goal while migrating from server to server, looking for a stable home. From Emerald Dream to Nostalrius, then to Hellfire and from there back to the revived Nostalrius, which eventually became Anathema.

Not everyone who set out on that journey were there to see it finished in person, but their sacrifices over the years contributed to the growth of the guild and made it what it is today.

This journey would not have been the same without our adversaries throughout the years. Team Plague, Judgement, NOPE and Coalition - these guilds have driven us to improve whenever they bested us, and we may not have been around after 5 years without having an opponent that we could strive to defeat. Our greatest victories and our most humiliating defeats were all the more meaningful because of them.

However, this is not the end. We are recruiting, and this is your chance to join us on our next journey, for when tonight’s cheers have subsided and the pints have been emptied, Outland awaits…

Our first Kel'Thuzad kill:

■■ News 26/09/2017: STILL NO WORLDBUFFS BabyRage!

The Elysium Project made another wonderful decision to keep the world buffs disabled for Naxxramas for a bit longer. To our and to many other guilds suprise, having no world buffs for Naxxramas actually made it more fun. No longer can you zerg through bosses, ignoring their mechanics.

Dreamstate has by now, cleared Naxxramas succesfully for a 2nd time. World buffs or not, Dreamstate will have no problem clearing the bosses of the Dread Citadel. We are pleased however, that the other guilds still progressing are getting the oppurtunity to try the more difficult bosses like the Four Horsemen, Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad, without world buffs.

■■ News 30/09/2017: Naxxramas PUG 4/15!
Like we did with AQ40, Dreamstate continues to provide the Horde with PUG raids to enjoy all available content. This time perhaps a bit too early, but lets be honest, half the bosses in the Dread Citadel are loot piñatas. So why not get our alts and leftover raiders some easy loot eh?

The first official Naxxramas PUG managed to clear entire Spider Wing + Noth the Plaguebringer and there is definitely room for improvement!

Here are some of the stats for the run:



■■ News 07/10/2017: Second week of Naxxramas PUG 9/15!
Dreamstate's Naxxramas PUG is going hot! Not only did it manage to clear more bosses then some of the casual guilds out there. It also managed to do so, killing almost every boss in one go!

We wonder how far this PUG can go... how good are their dance moves? do they have enough dps to kill Loatheb? can it beat Gothik the Harvester? Tune in next week!

Here are some of the stats for the run:


■■ News 16/10/2017: R.I.P. Elysium!

"WhiteKidney (system admin) formed a coup with 9 other devs/gms, created their own backup of Elysium Project (roughly 1 hour before shutdown), and deleted all of The Elysium Project. They did this for a few reasons which are highlighted below:

Crogge was generating currency and selling it to gold sellers. He was also copying characters (maybe generating too, we don't know for sure) including 2 R14's and selling them to account buyers/gold selling sites (we don't publicly know how many copy's, nor how much was generated - although WK seems to know from logs). WhiteKidney went through database logs of items/characters that were being created/deleted and found that something unethical was going on. 'Crogge wasn't properly removing the logs, and perhaps stopped caring' (WhiteKidney) and that is how WhiteKidney got solid proof of Crogge's corruption, and that he was generating currency and copying characters. Both of those accusations have been admitted by Crogge himself in the vod. Despite admitting to both of these accusations, Crogge is adamant that the money that was earned from these ventures was spent on hardware, and that he actually continued to ban gold sellers (even as he generated and sold gold to these very sellers).

Shenna, on the other hand, wasn't generating currency/copying characters but was directly skimming money from the Elysium PayPal. The Elysium PayPal (as per WhiteKidney) was being governed by Vitaly and/or his wife, and Shenna had complete access to the account at her freewill. These direct accusations have NOT been admitted by Shenna, but she HAS admitted to taking $2500-3000USD one time from the PayPal account, on top of $500-700USD per month.

Things to highlight:
  • Regarding the deletion and backups of Elysium. WhiteKidney and his team at LH have backups 1 hour prior to server shutdown. From my understanding, WK believes that the best backups that Elysium has could be a few weeks old (Q&Aw/Esfand).
  • WhiteKidney said that this has been going on for 7 or 8 months, but that he doesn't have a clue... lol? I think he means 'maybe it has gone on for longer, but I don't have a clue.'
  • WhiteKidney originally stated that they had been planning this, 'for quite sometime', but later in the conversation stated that it has been about 2 weeks, and Phoosy then pipped up and said 'less than that'.
Moving forward with Lights Hope:
  • WhiteKidney claims that roughly 80% of Elysium staff have left, but did not mention HOW MANY of those staff members joined them at LightsHope. Later, he has does make claims that roughly 80% of those that have left (80% of the 80%) HAVE elected to join LightsHope.
  • All loot logs, character logs, system logs, db logs, command logs, will be made available in real time, to as many GMs/Devs as realistically possible.
  • Donations will be 'fully transparent' (Pottu, LHDiscord).
  • LightsHope anticipates a 1:1 relaunch, meaning: your characters will be identical to your ElysiumProject characters up to 1hour before server shutdown.
  • Your characters will be available on both Elysium (which will still be lead by Crogge and Shenna), and LightsHope (which is the new project, lead by WhiteKidney and his team).
  • LH is considering renaming Anathema and Darrowshire to Nostalrius PvP/PvE, respectively, to 'pay homage from where we came from'. EDIT: They will be renaming the servers at a later date.
  • LightsHope is beginning to go through all logs to delete copied characters, and generated currency.
  • LightsHope is optimistic that the servers will be up within 12hours-a few days, but are moving as fast as they can and somethings are out of their control (they are waiting on delivery of the server [it has already been ordered]). EDIT: Login servers are live. Game servers are up 15-40minutes from 10:36AM EST.
  • The lead Burning Crusade developer from Elysium, (Staden) has left Elysium, and has joined the LightsHope team, so development for tBC is continuing.
  • The hardware requirements will demand about 500EU per month.
  • EDIT: There are no plans for LightsHope to create a 'fresh start' server. (LightsHope discord announcements. Phoosy)
Believe it or not this is a tldr of what has gone on. I've listened to vods, and sat in streams for over 3 hours. This is a short summary of all that I've heard from Esfand & Ash's Q&A, Esfand & WhiteKidney Q&A, and the vods provided by MonkeyNews' stream. I've tried to write this as neutral as possible, and not direct my words in any direction.

There is a lot more information, that precedes today, that I have not included (ie. Shenna renaming as Akira and returning to Elysium), but if there is any other information that pertains directly to Elysium or LightsHope, that happened today, please provide solid proof in terms of screenshots/videos.

TLDR: WhiteKidney led a coup that shutdown Elysium, because of unscrupulous activity from Crogge and Shenna. Crogge and Shenna were selling currency and characters, and skimming money off the PayPal. Two projects will now exist: LightsHope (a completely separate entity from Elysium,, and The Elysium Project.



Archived links:

Some juicy videos of leaked staff meetings and Q&A's:
The End of Elysium [Meeting]
Elysium Shutdown/Light's Hope Q&A with Ash, then Phoosy & Whitekidneyz
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■■ News 17/10/2017: Light's Hope!

"The core team that are stepping down from the Elysium Project are coalescing around the foundational ideals this project is supposed to represent and are relaunching/rebranding as Lights Hope. The servers will be relaunched with the backups created prior to the posting of this announcement, though there may be some data not saved that encompasses an hour or two prior. We apologize for the inconvenience, but there is nothing we can do to correc any lost items, experience, etc. as a result of this process. The existing realms of Anathema, Darrowshire, and Elysium will be hosted as they were directly prior to the downtime. The server realm names will remain the same for compatibility reasons and we will be reorganizing our future plans for how the realms will progress. At this time, we have no intentions of launching any sort of fresh start server and will be proceeding similarly as we did prior to this announcement. Given what has transpired, we will need a short amount of time to put our collective heads together and establish a baseline and be more communicative about our intentions going forward, especially concerning patch timelines and plans for The Burning Crusade.

We understand that we are abandoning a lot of brand recognition from both Nostalrius and the Elysium Project by doing this; however, we believe that the actions of two rogue staff members have irrevocably damaged the image of the rest of the staff and trying to pick up the pieces is not worth the hassle. We will be making every best effort to ensure that we communicate this change to as many platforms as possible so that word may spread of the coming shift in branding. We ask that you, the community, assist us in these matters so that we can continue to provide the best legacy experience possible, improve our internal processes to prevent these kinds of issues from ever happening again, and rebuild the trust that we hold in highest esteem. We want to demonstrate to you that we are worthy of that trust and your time invested with the Project.

Rest assured: all instances of gold being generated by external manipulation are being undone and every character that was duplicated will be deleted outright. We will be updating you shortly on what will be changing going forward with our plans, strategy, and implementation to ensure that this never happens again.

set realmlist

Lets go, get them realms back up asap please, we got Naxx to clear next Wednesday. BabyRage

Archived link to Pottu's announcement on Nostalrius Forums:

■■ News 23/10/2017: Light's Hope Forums are up!

Time to post that old recruitment topic on the forums of our new home.

Archived links:

■■ News 30/10/2017: Cool Logo!

■■ News 02/11/2017: Bindings... OMG Bindings!
Yes ladies and gentleman... after 5 years, on this very day, Dreamstate has finally managed to finish a Thunderfury... and not just one!

... but two!

Here we have a screenshot of the people that were there to witness the event, and not to forget the two cucks in the middle with new shiny weapons that will eat away our corruption slots SadFace:

Here's a unedited recording with live Teamspeak reactions (1st binding 14:00 and 2nd binding 44:30):
Here's the Thunderfury event video for both Ixl and Dracony:

■■ News 03/11/2017: OMG as if the week couldnt get any better!

In this year's Blizzcon, Blizzard decided to throw at us what we have all been waiting for, for so long! World of Warcraft Vanilla legacy servers are coming baby!

Here are some of the news posts about it (archived ofc):

The official World of Warcraft Classic Announcement video:
The Blizzcon 2017 Opening Ceremony (skip to 1:54:57 for Classic announcement):

■■ News 12/11/2017: Light's Hope's plans!
Details about the realms, world buffs for Naxx and questions about the merge...

A very good update that we all needed. We now know, if they stick to this timeline, that Anathema will merge with Elysium aka Lightbringer somewhere in the spring of 2018. Something to look forward to for sure! Anathema's population at this point has dropped to very low peaks (300-400 in the early EU mornings and barely going over 1.2k during raid times).

Here are the archived links for the announcement:

■■ News 15/11/2017: Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian!
Congratulations to Brain for completing Dreamstate's first Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian!

■■ News 07/12/2017: DMF Week and World Buffs!
Lots of guilds ripping left and right. Gnarly rip. DBC rip. Scuba Cops rip. Who's left? Dreamstate ofc. With some fresh blood from the guilds ripping around us we ventured into Naxxramas, fully world buffed. After a good 2-3 months of Naxx without world buffs this was a fun experience.

So without even trying really hard to set records in Naxx today, we did have the fastest Anub'Rekhan, Faerlina, Maexxna, Grobbulus, Gluth, Thaddius, Razuvious, Noth, Heigan, Sapphiron and Kel'Thuzad kills ever recorded on any Vanilla private server, according to Raidstats. We also set the 2nd fastest Patchwerk, with only a Warsong guild being 2 seconds faster. This run was also the fastest Construct and Military quarter clear ever on any Vanilla private server. And we cleared all 4 wings in 102 minutes, which is also the fastest ever, on any private server.

Here's the archived raidstats for it:

Here's a recording of the Sapphiron and KT:

■■ News 25/01/2018: Goodbye For Now!
Dreamstate has killed its last raid boss for the foreseeable future, as we have ceased actively raiding on Anathema after completing our twentieth and final Naxxramas raid on the server.

Thursday, January 25th, 2018 marks the first time since Dreamstate’s foundation on August 25th, 2012 - five months and five years ago to the day - that the guild is not actively raiding or leveling.

Over the guild’s five and a half year history, more than two hundred different players have actively raided with Dreamstate. While the future of the guild is presently uncertain, rest assured that we will welcome our old guild mates with open arms on whatever project we next find ourselves on - even the traitors and spies who joined the enemy.

Once a dreamer - always a dreamer.

We once again owe a heartfelt thanks to our adversaries through the years - Team Plague, Judgement, NOPE and Coalition. Dreamstate won and lost its share of progress races throughout the years, but they would not have meant half as much without worthy opponents. With the amount of players that were poached from or who defected between Dreamstate and our rivals, one could almost argue that we are relatives at this point.

You can make a post in the public forum if you were once part of Dreamstate and would like forum access to relive days of old, or if you would like to follow the discussion about Dreamstate’s future on our Skype and Discord. It’s likely that we will see Dreamstate reunited on Classic WoW, but in the meantime our members are joining up with each other to enjoy different expansions and servers or even different games with people who shared the guild as a home.

While Dreamstate fulfilled its goal of killing Kel’Thuzad, the community built around Dreamstate lives on. Guilds and servers may die, but dreams live forever.

■■ News 28/01/2018: One Final Achievement!
Even though we stopped raiding on Anathema. Last wednesday we did manage to obtain the last few splinters needed for Nastrel's Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. On Sunday evening we finished off his Greatstaff by quickly killing C'Thun followed by Atiesh himself.

This legendary is likely Dreamstate's last legendary for a long time. Once again congratulations to Nastrel.
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■■ News 27/01/2018: Sunwell Angrathar!

We welcome all of you!

As a word of introduction, to confirm what we’ve written in the title: dear players, yet, we’re opening a new progressive Wrath of the Lich King realm, called Angrathar.

It will be English-only realm with English forum and English world chat. We will more about the realm, but first we’d like to tell you a few words about the project itself.

Angrathar will start 27.01.2018, 18:00 GMT+1. Its base rate will be x1 (RaF x2 and Exp Boost x3 will be locked until all Realm Firsts are completed); of course Honor, Profession, Gold and Reputation will be x1.
Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

■■ News 28/01/2018: 3000 players online!

The server is getting some attention. Could this be Dreamstate's new home for the forseeable future?

■■ News 30/01/2018: Mex hits realm first level 80!

Congratulations to Mex!

■■ News 01/02/2018: Assassin Netherz!

Congratulations to our very own Netherz for achieving the realm first level 80 rogue!

■■ News 03/02/2018: All the realm firsts been achieved, time for Raids and PvP!
As the Sunwell administration stated, the PvE and PvP season would start two weeks after all the realm firsts were taken.

Naxxramas, Obsidian Sanctum and Deadly PvP season: opens 17th February, 20:00 GMT+1

Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

■■ News 07/02/2018: Vault of Archavon release!
The Sunwell team decided to open VoA 10 to stimulate the Horde for joining Wintergrasp.

■■ News 11/02/2018: 4000 players online!

■■ News 16/02/2018: Naxxramas trailer!
Only 24 hours remain until gates of the dread necropolis of Naxxramas open. The adventurers will enter the domain of Kel'thuzad, but... will they succeed?

Watch our Naxxramas trailer and prepare yourself!

■■ News 17/02/2018: Naxxramas and OS release!
Are you ready?

■■ News 18/02/2018: Congratulations to <Playing Ironically> on server first Naxxramas 25-man!

■■ News 18/02/2018: Congratulations to <Toxic> on server first Sartharion 3D 25-man!!

■■ News 19/02/2018: The Eye of Eternity release date!

The official release date of The Eye of Eternity: 03.03.2018, 20:00 - server time(GMT+1).
When it comes to the next raid - we've decided to buff The Eye of Eternity 10 as well as Malygos 25-version, it means that both versions will be harder, than a blizzlike base. Furthermore, we'll implement some changes to Naxxramas 10(Kel'Thuzad and Sapphirion), Naxxramas 25 and OS3D; corrections will make that ecounters will be a BIT more challanging.

All the corrections will be implemented from the next raids ID

■■ News 23/02/2018: 5000 players online!

■■ News 26/02/2018: A New Beginning!
One month ago, Dreamstate ended a five-year journey through Vanilla after having killed Kel’Thuzad as the first guild on Anathema.

But those familiar with Dreamstate knew it was only a matter of time before the community united around a new shared goal.

We now set our sights on Wrath of the Lich King, as we have officially commenced raiding on the Angrathar server. While this expansion is uncharted territory for Dreamstate in an official capacity, the collective experience of our members is ensuring rapid progress even while a number of players are still leveling.

Raiders old and new have rallied to join Dreamstate on its new adventure, and so can you. We are recruiting and will - for the time being - be considering applications from exceptional players of all classes.

■■ News 03/03/2018: Malygos 10-man down!
Guilds that defeated Malygos 10-mode:

Pure Perfection
Error Code
Rebirth x2
Blackwing League

Congratulations! The fight is just beginning!

■■ News 05/03/2018: Congratulations to <Playing Ironically> for server first Malygos 25-man!

Here is the video of the server first Malygos:

■■ News 05/03/2018: Kel'Thuzad down (again)!
Less than half a year after defeating the 40-man version of Kel’Thuzad on the Anathema server, Dreamstate has claimed his head in a second bout, this time in a significantly buffed 25-man version on Angrathar.

After the remainder of our raiding core hit level 80 earlier in the week, we assembled the troops for a single night of attempts and got him down after developing a strategy and perfecting its execution over the course of three and a half hours.

Malygos 25 is next on our list, as both of our 10-man groups have downed him already. There is certain to be something special in store for us in heroic Eye of Eternity, but Dreamstate is no stranger to killing dragons…

■■ News 23/03/2018: On Crimson Wings...!
While Dreamstate has killed its fair share of dragons, our most recent was no ordinary dragon.

Tonight, Malygos, the Aspect of the Blue Dragonflight and the Guardian of Magic, met his demise.

After a somewhat late start to the server, we have now cleared the current content and are looking to prepare for the challenges ahead.

Ulduar looms in the not too distant future, and while the buffed content on Angrathar has proved to be a worthy challenge so far, we expect that even greater trials await us in the ancient titan city.

■■ News 29/03/2018: Ulduar pre-nerf??!

One of the best raids ever in World of Warcraft, and we might get to experience it in a pre-nerf state? LETS GO!

■■ News 04/04/2018: Angrathar: Secrets of Ulduar!
Good morning, Angrathar community!

With great pleasure I'd like to announce that the next content pack - 3.1: Secrets of Ulduar - is coming very soon! It's the first informative post regarding that content, so we encourage you to read it.

Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

■■ News 11/04/2018: Angrathar: Ulduar Pre-Nerf, 1st part - The Siege of Ulduar!
Here is the video:

■■ News 22/04/2018: Angrathar: Ulduar Pre-Nerf, 2nd part - The Antechamber of Ulduar!
Here is the video:

■■ News 29/04/2018: Ulduar release date!
Good morning, Angrathar community!

It's time to announce the new season. This season makes Wrath of the Lich King tower over other WoW expansions. A raid that is one of the most challenging and well scripted, so the challengers exploring the Secrets of Ulduar won't be disappointed.

Here is the trailer:
Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

Ulduar will release on May 26 2018.

■■ News 04/05/2018: Raid ID changes around Ulduar release!
Yesterday I wrote a statement as a response to discontent of some of our players regarding Ulduar release date. We hear your voice, your opinion matters to us; we've decided to settle on some changes. We cannot change Ulduar launch date, however we can extend the raid week. American community is just as important as European community, that's why it's very important that they have enough time to raid Ulduar on the first week to be able to compete with European guilds.

In order to level the playing field and give the American guilds comfortable return after 28th May holiday, we've extended the raid week.

The first week of Ulduar: 23th May - 1st June(Ulduar Release - 26th May);
Second week of Ulduar: 1st June - 7th June;
Third week of Ulduar (we're going back to the usual lockout resets - Wednesday): 7th June - 13th June;
Fourth week of Ulduar: 13th June - 20th June.

We hope that our North American players will welcome that change. That's all we can do regarding that matter. We are going to add an auto broadcast announcement in the game to tell all the players about it.

■■ News 07/05/2018: Angrathar: Ulduar Pre-Nerf, 3rd part - Keepers of Ulduar!
Here is the video:

■■ News 20/05/2018: Angrathar: Ulduar Pre-Nerf 4th part! The Descent into Madness and Celestial Planetarium!
Here is the video:

■■ News 21/05/2018: Summary of new releases!
Hello Angrathar Community,

many players send me messages every day and ask about various things related to the new PvE and PvP seasons. Everything should be perfectly clarified and thus I decided to write this topic. I hope that you'll find here answers for all your questions.

Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

■■ News 26/05/2018: Gates of Ulduar are open!

■■ News 26/05/2018: Flame Leviathan 25 HM down!
Here is the video:

■■ News 27/05/2018: 6000 players online!

■■ News 27/05/2018: Hodir 10 HM down!
Here is the video:

■■ News 30/05/2018: Iron Council 25 HM down!
Here is the video:

■■ News 02/06/2018: Freya 10 HM down!
Here is the video:

■■ News 17/06/2018: Congratulations to <Playing Ironically> on server first Algalon 25!

■■ News 17/06/2018: Yogg-Saron 25 HM (One Light) down!
Here is the video:

■■ News 24/06/2018: Congratulations to <Playing Ironically> on server first Death's Demise!

■■ News 27/06/2018: Post Ulduar News!
Argent Tournament!
From the next ID week (27.06), we’ll implement all the quests and questlines from AT. The new location with the new achievements, quests and titles will be implemented as a whole, without a few quests from the future patches.

From the next ID week (27.06), all Naxxramas boosts will be lifted. That means Naxxramas is returning to its own, base version. Boss HP will be reduced by a half, damage and spell timers are going to be nerfed down to their original version and all custom mechanics we’ve added are going to be reverted. We’d also like to add that Black Proto-Drake mount, which is a reward for Glory of the Raider (25-Man) will be obtainable for only 2 weeks after the nerf hits. After two weeks, the reward will be blocked permanently and the mount will not be obtainable through the shop.

Ulduar will stay pre-nerf. However, some of the encounters are enhanced by our own boosts: Razorscale, XT, Steelbreaker, Mimiron, Freya, Thorim, Vezax, Yogg and Algalon. Every few weeks we’ll slowly revert some of the changes, so when 3.2 hits, Ulduar will be pre-nerf only, without any custom mechanics. A revert of every boss will be announced prior to that.

Archived link to their announcement on Sunwell Forums:

■■ News 27/06/2018: Glory of the Raider (25-Man)!
With the announcement that we have two weeks to obtain the Glory of the Raider (25-Man) achievement and the Black Proto-Drake mount while Naxxramas was nerfed, we decided to venture into Naxxramas as 20 and attempt the Immortal. We failed early on, on Noth the Plaguebringer (blame invisibility not dropping threat xD), but continued on to gather the remaining achievements.

We scracthed off almost all of the achievements except "The Immortal" and "Momma said knock you out".

One attempt for the Immortal, will we fail or will we succeed? We shall see next week.

■■ News 28/06/2018: LFM Firefighter!
It is time to unlock Algalon on 10 man. Due to summer and the low amount of active raiders, we decided to focus more on 10-mans. With that said, we formed a raid that would have the most chance at killing Mimiron 10 HM. We finished off the remaining achievements for the Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10-Man) during this evening.

Only one challenge awaits:

■■ News 01/07/2018: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (10 player)
Time for Algalon!

Here is the video:

■■ News 08/07/2018: The Titans, The Gods and The Stars
While the summer holiday means that our 25-man Ulduar raids are currently on hiatus for a few weeks, a small group of dedicated Dreamers have been pushing the 10-man content this tier has to offer.

Algalon the Observer fell at the hands of Dreamstate’s 10-man group on July 8th - their second night (hour) of attempts.

To keep things interesting, the group decided to face off against Yogg-Saron without the assistance of any of the four keepers, and in just a few attempts they completed Alone in the Darkness, marking the completion of all 10-man Ulduar content in its most difficult form.

Dreamstate is recruiting as our 25-man raids will resume soon, and you can apply on our forums to join the team.

Here are the videos:

■■ News 11/07/2018: Glory of the Raider (25 player)
Took a while but we got Immortal done!

Here is the video:

■■ News 21/07/2018: Finnstate Meetup The Second
Subtx open his door to his summer house for the second official finnstate meetup.

"The weekend will be filled with all of the best Finnish pastimes including but not limited to sitting in silence and staring just past everyone, drinking beer and cursing the russians and running naked between the sauna and the sea incredibly drunk at night to look at stars while drinking beer in the ocean."

Confirmed (travel paid/vacation reserved) 18/19
  • Hosq
  • Keppiz
  • Layr
  • Kruppa
  • Kamisayo
  • Lurkki
  • Edward
  • Dracony
  • Gebius
  • Fuglheim
  • Ajjtem
  • Cryptica
  • Ztrider
  • Beefcake
  • Loomz
  • Mobyfist
  • Sigu
  • Mephalian
  • Bandyto

■■ News 25/07/2018: Heartbreaker (25 player)
Nerfed version, but our first kill nonetheless.

Here is the video:

■■ News 12/08/2018: Lose Your Illusion (25 player)
Still pre-nerf! Great kills guys. We're getting closer and closer on Hodir aswell. A very unfortunate 120.9 second normal kill last week. Hodir just sucks when you arent class stacking...

Here is the video:

■■ News 19/08/2018: Knock, Knock, Knock on Wood (25 player)
Sunwell decided to remove their custom buffs on Freya. Its still pre-nerf like it used to be on retail at some point! A very interesting boss, pain in the ass, but a fun fight.

Here is the video:

■■ News 25/08/2018: Happy Birthday Dreamstate!

■■ News 26/08/2018: I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (25 player)
Post nerf, so the fight is a joke now...

Here is the video:

■■ News 29/08/2018: I Could Say That This Cache Was Rare (25 player)
Hodir HM finally down! XD

■■ News 02/09/2018: Firefighter (25 player)
Obviously the custom Sunwell buff is gone by now... still a difficult boss. We got him down. Just Algalon left now!

Here is the video:

■■ News 12/09/2018: Observed (25 player)
Two weeks of practice was needed, but we one-shot it this week! Our first kill, also closing out this tier of the content. Ulduar was a fun but arguably some of the most challenging content Dreamstate has ever seen. It was fun and it'll leave behind a lot of memories.

Here is the video:

■■ News 26/09/2018: Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player)
Now we are completly done with Ulduar!

■■ News 29/09/2018: Call of the Crusade
Trial of the Crusader as well as Trial of the Champion will be released on 29th September at 6 P.M (CEST). Vault of Archavon will be reset on 29th September and closed to 18:00 due to implementing the new boss.

Boosted ToC 25 HC

Lots of people were unhappy with boosts on Ulduar so we've decided to don't change too many things in this raid, only thing that is boosted is HP (by 25% for Northern Beasts and Lord Jaraxxus encounters, 15% for Faction Champions encounter and 35% for Twin of the Val'kyr and Anub'arak encounters).

We've decided to make four changes:
  • Lord Jaraxxus will use Touch of Jaraxxus spell;
  • Twin Val'kyr debuff will damage the whole raid, instead of single damage to the player with debuff;
  • Twin Val'kyr HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%);
  • Anub'arak and his spawns HP boost will be 35% (up from 25%).

Sunwell wouldnt be Sunwell if it didnt artificially boost their content to make it more challenging. Lets get this shit patch done and over with so we can march to the doors of Icecrown Citadel to slay some more interesting bosses.

Here is the archived announcement:

■■ News 30/09/2018: Trial of the (Grand) Crusader ResidentSleeper
Trial of the Crusader proofs to be a joke. Trial of the Grand Crusader doesnt proof to be too difficult either. On release weekend we cleared Northrend Beasts, Lord Jaraxxus and Faction Champions on heroic in 25 man.

On the very first reset we also got 50/50 in 10-man:

Here are the videos:

■■ News 01/10/2018: Salt and Pepper!
Twin Val'Kyr proofs to be slightly more difficult then the rest. We get them down though!

Here is the video:

■■ News 07/10/2018: Call of the Grand Crusade (25 player)
Anub'arak heroic on 25-man proofed to be slightly more difficult. A very interesting boss despite it being part of a terrible raid.

Here is the video:

■■ News 09/10/2018: Congratulations to <Podziemie> for server first Trial of the Grand Crusader 50/50 25-man!

■■ News 15/10/2018: So close, yet so far away!
We're pushing for 50/50, we really are! One mistake and its gone though! We finished this run 49/50.

Here is the video:

■■ News 24/10/2018: The Traitor King, Dethroned
With the opening of The Crusaders' Coliseum, the stage was set for the champions of Dreamstate to earn their rightful place in the upcoming battle against The Lich King.

The champions brawled with the gigantic beasts of Northrend. Banished Lord Jaraxxus and his horde of infernals. Decimated the Alliance Champions. And ruthlessly slaughtered the Twin Val'kyr.

Only Anub'arak stood between Dreamstate and their right to defend Azeroth from the Scourge.

On October 24th, 2018, Anub'arak was defeated with 50 attempts remaining.

Here is the video:

■■ News 19/12/2018: Icecrown Citadel

Icecrown Citadel has been released. It is being released in stages however. Each wing being released seperatly. And as we all know, heroic doesnt unlock until you killed Lich King on normal. See you in January when the real challenge starts!

■■ News 16/01/2019: Icecrown Citadel 25 Heroic Boosts

The whole ICC has been released, but for the most hardcore no-lifers (hehehe), this is just the beginning. Since this week, every player has a chance to defeat the Lich King (Normal), which is going to open their way to the Heroic version of Icecrown Citadel. Regarding the 25 Heroic Boost - there was a poll and the players had decided they want a more difficult ICC25HC. And we'll deliver.

The boosts primarily increase Health value of the bosses, but some of them have other changes to them as well. Due to the complexity of the code, we didn't want modify to the bosses too much. We didn't want to mess with the timers either - that would render DBM useless.

Check the link below for all the buffs.

Here is the archived announcement:

■■ News 20/01/2019: Fall of the Lich King

The Lich King casts Fury of Frostmourne, killing all players at once.

The Lich King yells: No questions remain unanswered. No doubts linger. You ARE Azeroth's greatest champions. You overcame every challenge I laid before you. My mightiest servants have fallen before your relentless onslaught... your unbridled fury...
The Lich King yells: Is it truly righteousness that drives you? I wonder...
The Lich King yells: You trained them well, Fordring. You delivered the greatest fighting force this world has ever known... right into my hands - exactly as I intended! You shall be rewarded for your unwitting sacrifice.

The Lich King yells: Watch now as I raise them from the dead to become masters of the Scourge. They will shroud this world in chaos and destruction. Azeroth's fall will come at their hands -- and you will be the first to die.
The Lich King yells: I delight in the irony.

The Lich King yells: Impossible...
Highlord Tirion Fordring yells: No more, Arthas! No more lives will be consumed by your hatred!

Terenas Menethil II yells: Free at last! It is over, my son. This is the moment of reckoning.
Terenas Menethil II yells: Rise up, champions of the Light!
The Lich King yells: Now I stand, the lion before the lambs... and they do not fear.
The Lich King yells: They cannot fear.

On the 20th of January we killed Lich King on 25-normal.

Here is the video:

■■ News 23/01/2019: Storming the Citadel and Server first Deathbringer Saurfang Heroic
Dreamstate has secured another server first. Been a while and the competition was focused on Lady Deathwhisper, which we skipped. All jokes aside, first heroic night was a success. Three out of four down on heroic.

Here is the video of our Lord Marrowgar and Deathbringer Saurfang Heroic kills:

■■ News 27/01/2019: The Plagueworks and Valithria Dreamwalker!
Dreamstate continues on...
After a succesfull first heroic night, we continued on Sunday with Dreamwalker, which proved to be rather easy. After which we went to kill Stinky! Festergut and Rotface both went down shortly after.

Here are the videos:

■■ News 28/01/2019: The Crimson Hall!
Proffesor Putricide is something else. We obviously skipped that one and continued into the Crimson Hall. Blood Prince Council took us many attempts but we got it down aswell! We also got Blood Queen to 4%. We'll get her next reset!

Here is the video:

■■ News 03/02/2019: The Crimson Hall!
The Blood Queen bitch is dead! Hooray!

Here is the video:

■■ News 11/02/2019: The Frostwing Halls!
Sindragosa falls... with a bit of bug abusing or clever use of game mechanics I must say. Polish scripting allowed our healers to spec into dodgy specs to avoid getting unchained. Made the fight rather easy. Still gotta avoid frost bombs and the tank is still getting smacked. We can probably expect a fix soon.

Here is the archived link of the worldoflogs page:

Here are the videos:

■■ News 13/02/2019: Lady Deathwhisper!
Ghosts... All I can say... Ghosts...

Here are the videos:

■■ News 18/02/2019: Professor Putricide Progress!
Yup, this is gonna take a while... we reached P3 though! XD

■■ News 10/03/2019: Sindragosa!
We killed her again after Sunwell fixed the healers being able to dodge unchained. Close kill but still... a kill is a kill!

Here is the video:

■■ News 17/03/2019: Professor Putricide Progress!
15/15 Attempts and a whole night for Putricide... we got him to 5,2%. Getting there...

Here is the video:

■■ News 24/03/2019: Professor Putricide Progress!
2,1% ALMOST!@

Here is the video:

■■ News 26/03/2019: Angrathar: Endgame!
Hey there!

Not so long ago, because only a week ago, The Lich King on Heroic difficulty was defeated. Big congratulations to Synthesis for grabbing the Realm First! 🎆 I promised you some news about WotLK and the time has come.

The PvE schedule looks like this:
  • 27.03 - removal of ICC Boost from the First Quarter & Heroic Attempts amount set to 25.
  • 03.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Second Quarter.
  • 10.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Third Quarter.
  • 17.04 - removal of ICC Boost from the Fourth Quarter & Lich King. Add ICC buff for all raid versions.
  • 24.04 - Ruby Sanctum launch.

Halion in 25 Heroic difficulty will be boosted. The boost will be present until three guilds defeat the encounter - and these guilds will be rewarded, as there is no Realm First for that achievement.
#13986215 Mar 16, 2019 at 06:22 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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■■ News 01/03/2019: Classic!

The feedback we got from the demo was fantastic. Thank you to everyone who gave us so much feedback to work with, especially the community members who compiled lists of issues that people found with the demo. We’ve looked at everything that was reported, and want to share a few anecdotes with you so you can see how we’re tackling these issues.

One thing many players noticed was the incorrect health regeneration and the spell critical hit multiplier. Good catch! Going into the demo, we thought we’d fixed that and were surprised to see the issue crop up. Before BlizzCon, we specifically checked health and mana regeneration, and fixed the critical hit cases. We also did combat and regeneration tests to make sure we had those accurate.

It turns out that there was a discrepancy between how Classic was configured on our environment at the office (correct!) and the environment serving the demo to you (not correct…). Tracking that down taught us how to best check our environment configuration as we prepare it for launch.

Another issue players reported was that Warlock demon summoning was broken – lots of players said that you shouldn’t lose your current demon until the new one appears. We double-checked and in the original 1.12 WoW, and there, as soon as you started summoning a new demon, your existing demon disappeared. So the demo actually matched how the game played originally. There were a few other reports – such as “rare mobs do way less damage” and “Kobolds at Jangolode Mine run faster than walking speed when running away” – where we were able to confirm that the gameplay was the same in the demo as in the original 1.12 WoW.

It’s important to point out that there are some bugs we’re going to fix before launch, and there are some bugs that we don’t intend to address. As we mentioned in our BlizzCon presentation, some differences aren’t worth fixing, like differences in how the mail works. Nonetheless, we’ve fixed some fairly high-priority issues:

Critical Strike rating: Each item now “Improves your chance to get a critical strike by X%.”
Rogue Energy didn’t work right: it was both benefiting from melee haste and re-calculating more often than it was supposed to. Both issues were fixed.
Slow Fall no longer applies to your jumps.
You again get pushback when hit by ranged attacks and wands.
Dodge, Parry, and Miss were all not happening often enough.

That’s not all we’ve done, of course, but we want to give you an idea of what we’re prioritizing: core game systems, combat, and content. We’ve spent time on other things such as user interface and making sure graphics “feel” like they used to, but our primary focus is on gameplay.

Again, we’re following all of your discussions and loving your enthusiasm – and we’re going to get more information for you posted here soon (not soon™).

Thank you, and get ready for a Classic Summer!

■■ News 11/03/2019: Classic!

Currently, based on both your feedback and our own deliberations, we’re now planning to increase it to six phases. Our focus is still primarily on player power-progression, but we’re also aiming to capture what it felt like to play in a realm community in original WoW. To do that, we’re planning to mirror the approach taken by original WoW, with patches paired together. We’ll launch Classic with content from original WoW through patch 1.2.x, then the second update will include content that was in original WoW 1.3 and 1.4, the third Classic update will have 1.5 and 1.6 content, and so on.

Our first phase primarily focuses on launching Classic with Onyxia and Molten Core, but we’ve decided to hold off on Dire Maul for a while. Maraudon is still in the first phase, because it was originally released on December 18, 2004, just two weeks after the first player hit level 60, but we recognize that Dire Maul is in a different category. Some of the loot that’s attainable from Dire Maul is so good that it would affect progression through those early raids. We’re also planning to hold off on releasing Kazzak and Azuregos at launch as well, for the same reasons.

The next change we’re targeting addresses two concerns. First, Zul’Gurub and Blackwing Lair unlocking at the same time would differ from how they originally came out, and it makes sense to not have gear and enchants from Zul’Gurub available during early progress into Blackwing Lair. Secondly, the Emerald Dragons should be available earlier than the opening of Ahn’Qiraj, as they give us a way to start preparing nature resist gear for some of the encounters in AQ.

Along the way, we’ve taken a close look at items that provide the biggest power gains, many of which were introduced in 1.10 as part of a sweeping dungeon itemization pass. That patch was when Tier 0.5 gear was introduced, and Relics were added to the drop tables of many bosses. It also adjusted drop rates and drop locations of a lot of gear (to make room for the Relics). We’ve gone back and reconstructed many of the most heavily affected drop tables as they existed prior to the 1.10 patch, and we’re planning to update the drop tables alongside the Ahn’Qiraj War Effort. Prior to the Ahn’Qiraj unlock, most of the drop rates and locations will look as they did in the patches prior to 1.10, with exceptions—there are lots of little changes made in earlier patches that don’t have a big effect on player power, and in those cases, we’re planning to use the 1.12 drop rates and locations.

One example of the many items we’re planning for is: Titanic Leggings, which is a world drop that first appeared in 1.10. We can confirm that it will be controlled by the same content unlock that restricts the other 1.10 loot changes.

Here’s what the release order currently looks like:

Phase 1 (Classic Launch)
  • Molten Core
  • Onyxia
  • Maraudon
Phase 2
  • Dire Maul
  • Azuregos
  • Kazzak
Phase 3
  • Blackwing Lair
  • Darkmoon Faire
  • Darkmoon deck drops begin
Phase 4
  • Zul’Gurub
  • Green Dragons
Phase 5
  • Ahn’Qiraj War Effort begins
  • Ahn’Qiraj raids open when the war effort dictates
  • Dungeon loot reconfiguration: Tier 0.5 Dungeon gear, Relics, drop rates and location changes
Phase 6
  • Naxxramas
  • Scourge Invasion
We haven’t yet determined exactly when phases 2-6 will occur, and PvP content is notably missing from the list above. That’s because we’re still evaluating our options regarding PvP rewards, as they also changed over time (both in power and in terms of which PvP reward items were available).

While we can’t elaborate on every detail of every step we’re going to take (yet), we’re here reading all of your questions and we’re going to keep the answers coming.

Thank you!

■■ News 22/03/2019: Classic!

But we heard your concerns about the potential for abuse of the loot trading system in parties of five. It’s possible that abusive play could take the form of a group of four players colluding to deny loot to a stranger who joined their party as a pick-up. Raid groups, being much larger, come with more understanding on the part of solo players that loot distribution can depend on the whims of the many players and raid leaders who know each other.

Taking that into consideration, we’ve decided that the two-hour loot trading system in WoW Classic will only apply to soulbound gear that drops in raids. Soulbound loot that drops in five-person content will not be tradeable at any time. What we hope to do is to strike a balance between saving players time and minimizing the potential for abuse of the system. We think this approach better addresses the concerns we’ve heard from players on the subject.
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